Environment: As government stays mute, floods at Mile 4 bridge leaves many stranded again

By Bakah Derick 

Many have been blocked again along the Bamenda-Bambui road precisely at the  bridge linking mile 3 and 4 in the BamendaIIImunicipality. They were blocked as a result of floods over the stream locally known as Nkie-Mufeh due to heavy rains this Thursday 15 September 2022. 
Flooded Mile 4 bridge 

Being a lockdown, many who dared the organisers were locked down by the flood that has been described as worst than any previous case. With no public transportation services like taxis, busses and worst still private vehicles, only daring commercial bikes are on the road. 

"I had to go to the hospital to see a cousin of mind hospitalised. I am happy i saw a bike in the morning and again I now on my way back I saw this one unfortunately the water has flooded and we are blocked here. I hope it will go down soon so I cross and go home." Linda konglim a road user tells www.hilltopvoices.com. 
The bikes and their passengers are stranded and those who can afford, pay ready boys up to 500FCFA to carry them shoulder high across the flooded bridge. 

"As you can see, those who can 300 or even 500 are carried across. I cannot pay because I don't have. I am a security guard and I have to go to work. That is why I entered the water and walked across. These are my shoes and I can wear them and continue my road." A night guard who will not want to be named said 
Empty streets 

The floods come about a week after the Bamenda III Council attempted what the Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe described as "temporal measure." He admitted that the major problem comes from poor waste management and land reclamation; issues he said are beyond his competence. The municipal authority says he has informed the competent regional and national authorities charge with the responsibilities of maintaining such bridges. 

Several cars and bikes have been destroyed by the floods. 
#EndCovid237 #CmrFreeCovid19 

Constructed in the 80s, the bridge over Nkie-Mufeh can no longer contain the water that comes down on the narrow path from the Ndzah and Bamendakwe hills. 

Sources in other areas of the city have confirmed floods in private homes as a result of heavy rains. 

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