Education: New Generation Cameroonian Law Maker bags rare mid-career degree as lone African in topmost Japanese University

By Colbert Gwain

Benefitting from the highly competitive Japanese International Cooperation Agency, JICA, scholarship for the support of socioeconomic development, recovery, or economic stability of developing regions; the young law maker and emerging academic, Agho Oliver Bamenju of the Bafut/Tubah constituency, was finally found worthy in character and in learning to be awarded the prestigious Masters Degree certificate in actionable international development; with emphasis on good governance and sustainable development. Core subject areas relevant to the socio-economic growth and development of his constituency.
Hon Agho Oliver Bamenju of the Bafut/Tubah constituency (in blue)  receiving certificate 

The graduation ceremony that took place Monday 26 September 2022, was watched live by thousands of digital space citizens, family members and friends from across the world- using a zoom-link generated by the University. This was because the strict COVID19 restrictive measures put in place by the Japanese government never offered any opportunity to anybody, except for the graduands to attend the occasion in person.
Hon Agho Oliver Bamenju of the Bafut/Tubah constituency (in blue) and instructors 

The MP for the Bafut/Tubah constituency in the North West, one of the two restrive regions of Cameroon, was animated throughout his search for new knowledge and strategies to redynamize development back in his constituency throughout his stay in Japan, by the biblical and equally restive Esau's spirit that defined the Romans and later helped shape European nations' development-oriented spirit today.
Graduating as the lone African in the program this Fall 2022, and as one of the top-best for the Masters-class, young upscale Hon. Agho Oliver could not go unnoticed by the authorities of this world-class university, Tohoku University of Japan.

Its probably for this reason that he, amongst others, were charged by the University President, Hideo Ohno, to commence the new chapters of their lives by drawing inspiration from other Tohoku University graduates who have continued to be leading change makers in their various communities.
From the research team behind the Hayabusa-2 space probe, through alumni in Africa working on improving their countries' social and physical infrastructure, to author Kotato Isaka, whose novel "Maria Beetle", was adapted into the high-flying Hollywood movie, "Bullet Train"; Tohoku University products were said to have been contributing to making the world better than they met it. Reason-why Hon. Agho Oliver and his peers who were graduating were urged to take the relay baton.

'We are all proud to be part of the global Tohoku University community that all these alumni have created', President Ohno declared in admonishment to Agho Oliver and his peers who were graduating. He and his mates were urged to always remember that the Sendai county was their home and they would always be welcomed back anytime, any day.
It should be recalled that the memorable graduation event celebrated the achievements of 401 students, 68 undergraduates, and 333 Masters and doctoral students; more than half of whom comprised international students from over 34 countries and from all regions across the world.
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