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IDUAI 2022: Environmentalist, Inclusion advocate, Journalist make case for an Information Act in Cameroon

By Hilltopvoices  Several voices have expressed the need for an information Act in Cameroon. The need for the public information accessibility tool was expressed during an online event to observe the 2022 International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) organised by Hilltopvoices Communications Group Ltd.  Lohshie Eugene Velon host of the live stream (in blue) and Chick Sama (in red t-shirt) on Set  While stating that public information should be a right and not a privilege, Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy Environmentalist and Director of Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) noted that the work of journalists should reflect the local realities. Information users especially the press should angage meaningful information search especially from the grassroots with the hope that an information Act can facilitate the obtaining of information from policy makers. The environmentist recommended effective collaboration between the press and non-profit organisation, net

Education: New Generation Cameroonian Law Maker bags rare mid-career degree as lone African in topmost Japanese University

By Colbert Gwain Benefitting from the highly competitive Japanese International Cooperation Agency, JICA, scholarship for the support of socioeconomic development, recovery, or economic stability of developing regions; the young law maker and emerging academic, Agho Oliver Bamenju of the Bafut/Tubah constituency, was finally found worthy in character and in learning to be awarded the prestigious Masters Degree certificate in actionable international development; with emphasis on good governance and sustainable development. Core subject areas relevant to the socio-economic growth and development of his constituency. Hon Agho Oliver Bamenju of the Bafut/Tubah constituency (in blue)  receiving certificate  The graduation ceremony that took place Monday 26 September 2022, was watched live by thousands of digital space citizens, family members and friends from across the world- using a zoom-link generated by the University. This was because the strict COVID19 restrictive measure

Back to School 2022: FAHOLO facilitate return of deprived learners in Sabongari.

By Carlos Ngwayi  Faith-Hope-love Association (FAHOLO) created by Rev. MAMNGONG Glory Yuren based in Canada has facilitated the return to school for some orphans in Sabongari of Nwa Subdivision.  .   Roma Yuknwi Mamngong, project supervisor/coordinator meeting with school teachers to declare his intentions  The good-will Ambassador has learned opted to pay school fees for ten ( 10) primary school pupils in the area of Donga Mantung Division of the North West region. The assistance has been distributed to seven  in the Cameroon  Baptist Convention (CBC) primary school and three in Presbyterian School (PS) all in sabongari. The caretakers of the orphans, most of whom lost their parents to the Anglophone crisis have described the gesture as great relief.  According to the benefactor, this is just the beginning of a long journey which aims at putting smiles on the faces of the vulnerable in Cameroon and beyond. MAMNGONG Glory Yuren,

Environment: Tewu Erasmus talks to Hilltopvoices on Waste management in Bamenda

By Shey Godbless  As garbage heaps continue to form mountains at an exponential rate on a daily basis unabated in all the streets within the city of Bamenda, an environmentalist has sounded a strong warning for a bleak future if adequate measures are not  taken and on time.  Waste along the streets of Bamenda  Speaking to in an exclusive interview, environmentalist TEWU Erasmus recounted a good number of areas where the increasing garbage heaps was impacting our environment negatively. He classified the effects on two fronts viz: short term and long term effects.  To begin with, the founder of New Vision for an Eco-friendly Environment revealed that there was some toxic smell emanating from the heaps that were not humanly friendly. They cause toxic smell or air pollution.  "As human beings we have different strengths of our respiratory systems and these toxic smells we inhale around our garbage heaps causes a lot of damage to our respi

Religion: Apostle Linora storms Bamenda with crusade to restore Love of God

By Nfor Nkfu God's servant, Apostle Linora Nchimenyi Bangya of The Love of God Covenant Church of All Nations, says she has been sent by God to revive Bamenda with love. Apostle Linora Nchimenyi (in white) during press conference in Bamenda  She made  the declaration during a Press Conference in Bamenda, Friday September 23,2022. She used the occasion to invite the public to join her in a divine mission This was on the sidelines of a three day- gospel crusade holding at Prayer City, Avenir Park , Upstation Bamenda. Titled Bamenda Revival Crusade program,the religious gathering which kick-started September 22,  is holding on the theme,'where is your fire ,where is your love for God'. "I am here to restore the love of God in the hearts of Men, Women and children", Apostle Linora said adding that "I am also here to make sure that every destiny or vision comes to a reality" The Woman of God said she has been assigned by Go

Entertainment: Cameroonian-US based artist Bsenjo features Soweto gospel Choir in New release

By Bakah Derick  It is a dream come true for Cameroonian-United States based contemporary gospel artist and songwriter Belinda Senjo. Bsenjo as she is known  has released a new song featuring the legendary South African Soweto gospel choir which was her dream. Bsenjo during shooting with Soweto gospel Choir  "I went on to do a featured song with the legendary Soweto Gospel choir based in South Africa, which we released on September 15th, 2022. I have always loved Soweto gospel choir and I promised myself that one day I will be singing alongside the legends. And behold, that dream has finally come to fruition. It is safe to say that my love for Soweto music was inspired by the fact that I was the leader of my high school and church choir and most of the songs performed were that of the great Soweto gospel choir." The song titled "Trumpet Sound" at press time just few days after the release has over 17000 YouTube views.  According to Bsenjo in her descript

Business: "Ewaka Tourism goes operational in Dubai, special offers announced

HilltopvoicesAdvertorial The head office of Ewaka Tourism has gone gone operational in Dubai. Ewaka Tourism L.L.C. is a Dubai based tourism company that has been successfully promoting U.A.E. in Tourism and Corporate markets internationally. Cutting of the symbolic ribbon  "In our continuous pursuit of Excellence, We are known for our quality services in the UAE. It is our main concern to meet the customers’ needs through expansion of our services, Providing competitively affordable holiday packages and creating the best conditions for leisure and business." The CEO said during the opening.  Slogan: Ewaka Tourism's grand opening Dream it.Live it  "π’π©πžπœπ’πšπ₯ 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫" "π’π©πžπœπ’πšπ₯ 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫" The services include VISA .  We provide you with complete visa support  from the beginning to the end. We make sure you obtain your visa in time through effortless application and speedy clearance. FLIGHT We aim at making your trav

ZUMA Silicone Sealant(Gum) is now near you

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Crisis Reporting: Safety and Security of Media Professionals under review in Buea

By Bakah Derick   33 Media Professionals from the North West, South West, Littoral and West Regions of Cameroon are in  Buea to reflect on tools and ways of enhancing the safety and digital security of journalists in Crisis Reporting.  Judith Kiconco Associate Human Rights Officer at the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa speaking at kickoff.  According to the United Nations Human Rights Central Africa Regional office organisers of the two days’ come together, the  workshop is inspired by the over five years old armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions.  “In particular Journalists and media professionals by nature of their work in crisis reporting and information gathering are disproportionately exposed to risk of threats, physical and online attacks, kidnap, torture and arbitrary detention by factions to the crisis. This is coupled with other forms of obstruction of journalistic tasks such as censorship and confiscation of work tools suc