Logidoo Leads Logistics Revolution with Innovative Solutions, Expanded Trade Routes Starting April

In a game-changing move set to redefine the logistics landscape, Logidoo, a renowned transportation and trade facilitator is set to unveil a suite of groundbreaking advancements poised to transform the industry this April.

At the forefront of this revolution is Logidoo's introduction of a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline request management, promising heightened visibility and control throughout the logistics journey for clients, partners, and service providers alike.
Concurrently, the launch of Logidoo Business Unit Sourcing harnesses the company's expertise and vast network to source the most reliable and suitable suppliers, ensuring clients access products and services at unparalleled value.

In a bid to enhance global connectivity, Logidoo is introducinv a new trade corridors, facilitating routes from Tunisia and Turkey to key African markets including Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Guinea.

Further strengthening its offerings, Logidoo's International Transport Business Unit now provides a range of group departure options spanning road, air, and sea routes.

Tasmir Ousmane, CEO at Logidoo has underscored the significance of these enhancements within the International Transport Business Unit. According to the CEO, notable highlights include daily road groupage departures from Dakar to Bamako, weekly air groupage departures from Paris to Dakar, and bi-weekly air groupage departures between Dakar and Abidjan, with transit times optimized for efficiency.

Additionally, Logidoo is introducing bi-weekly maritime groupage departures from France to Senegal, encompassing transportation and customs clearance services to streamline operations.

"These initiatives epitomize Logidoo's unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction," Tasmir Ousmane said emphasizing the company's dedication to delivering exceptional value and adapting to evolving client needs.

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