Stakeholders of EPI get acquainted with RAISE 4 ZDC IN SAHEL initiative

By the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Service (Facebook Page) 

The Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services has introduced stakeholders of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) on the new initiative dubbed “Reaching and Adapting Immunization Services Effectively for Zero-Dose Children (ZDC) in the Sahel Region (RAISE 4 ZDC in Sahel)”. The introductory session took place in Yaounde during a one-day workshop on July 27, 2022, aimed at ensuring that participants/stakeholders understand the initiative and their eventual contributions to make it a success.  
Attending this workshop as partners in immunization in Cameroon were the Director of Cooperation (DCOOP) at the Ministry of Health, the Regional Delegates of Health from implementing regions in Cameroon (Northwest, Southwest, East, Adamawa, North, and Far North), EPI partners (WHO, UNICEF, and CHAI), Civil Society Organisations (CSO): PROVARESS, the EPI Central Office Staff, and some CBC Health Services Key Project Staff. 
The workshop introduced the Gavi Zero-Dose Children (ZDC) initiative to these partners of EPI, and the Ministry of Health. They together explored ways to work collaboratively towards the implementation of the project.

This immunization initiative seeks to support National efforts toward achieving the WHO's 2030 Agenda for Immunization by strengthening country strategies to reach Zero Dose Children and communities by 2025, and to meet the Immunization Agenda (IA) 2030.
The training is part of a package constituting the launch of this campaign to ensure that no child is left behind in vaccination in #Cameroon. 

The official launching of the initiative has been billed for August 10, 2022 at Djeuga Palace Hotel in Yaounde to be presided at by the Minister of Public Health Dr. Manaouda Malachie. 
The Immunization Agenda (IA) 2030 is supported by the Vaccine Alliance, Gavi, whose central vision 2021-2025 places priority on reaching out to the most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Statistics show that an estimated 1.3 million zero-dose children live in fragile and conflict settings, often outside of Government’s reach in 12 countries across the Sahel region and the Horn of Africa”, Cameroon inclusive.  Despite tremendous vaccination investment coordinated by the National Enlarged Program for Immunization (EPI) in #Cameroon and due to multiple anthropological, social, economic and security challenges, many children still do not have access to vaccines, thereby increasing the chance of facing diseases preventable with vaccines.

The workshop was carried out simultaneously physically and on zoom.


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