North West Regional Assembly: Health Units promised equipment, resolving ongoing armed conflict preoccupy participants at session opening

By Nfor Nkfu

21 health districts of the North West region will soon  be reinforced with hospital equipment. This was one of the major announcements made by Fru Angwafo III, President of the North West Regional Executive Council during the opening ceremony of the seventh session of the North West Regional Assembly currently holding in Bamenda, headquarter of the region.
Opening ceremony participants viewed from back 

"Once more the Regional Assembly will distribute hospital supplies from Medshare International, an American NGO with members of North-West origin, to all twenty one health districts of the region"  the president announced.

"This is the fruit of symbiotic collaboration between the state, the region and the civil society organization, Limona Foundation, local partner of the region" the regional President added saying that "we  are looking forward to more cooperation and collaboration with the diaspora in the USA in this area"

The seventh session  of the Regional Assembly in July instead of June as previously was the case is unfolding with focus on conciliation, conflict resolution, peace building and development.
Prof Fru Angwafo speaking at the opening 

North West region is being rocked by a separatist armed conflict since 2016. The search for peace is far from ending.

"We want all stakeholders to take ownership of the things they need to do to buy peace and social cohesion" the President later told reporters 

He added that, "we expect everyone represented here to look at their individual efforts, take stock and question themselves on attitudes and practices towards one another"
Some observers however say the regional body has to be reminded of what the communities need to foster peace.

"If the Regional Councillors know how to do their conflict resolution analysis properly, we should inform them on the kinds of program that they should be implementing in their communities that can bring about the positive change, social justice and development" Rev Ncham Goodwill, an observer at the session noted.

".....even when we know things, we have to be reminded about them" he said adding that "there should be a spiritual maxim which is intended to restore dignity to the human person if this conflict is resolved. That is what NGOs and the Church are bringing on board to see that our people can be relieved of this pain"
The session which started on Monday July 25  with an education seminar organized by the Independent Conciliator will end on Thursday July 28,2022.

The Assembly according to a program made public will listen to presentations from NGOs, Religious leaders, drivers unions,the DDR amongst others.

With hopes that proposals arrived at may lead to the achievement of peace, earlier presenters called for continues dialogue and reconciliation.
"We encourage the continuation of the national dialogue for which this wonderful Assembly is the brainchild", Ngwang Roland Yuven, MINESEC regional delegate said appealing for "institution of a truth and reconciliation committee"

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