Environmental Education: Holiday school kids trained on urban gardening with plastic bottles

By Bakah Derick 

A Bamenda based not-for-profit nongovernmental environmental and gender sensitive organisation has trained over 160 holiday school going pupils on the use of waste plastic bottles for urban gardening. 

CAMGEW Director addressing the learners at start of training 

The Friday 22 July 2022 outreach by Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) according to the executive director of the Organisation had as focus the conversion of waste plastic bottles to wealth for "use in planting spices, vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers and also for teachers to use it for demonstration when teaching children on plants and plant growth." 

Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy explained in a post on the organisation's Facebook page that the outreach was based completely on practical demonstrations

"We had demonstrations with various plants like huckleberry, Aloe vera, water leaf, lettuce and spices growing from plastic containers. Demonstrations were made how to prepare these plastic bottles for gardening." He said 

With kids and pupils going home with a nursed plant like various spices, okro, and pepper to plant, water to take care of them as they grow, CAMGEW authorities believe that the children now have the opportunity to learn and can get support in the process at home. 
CAMGEW personnel doing demonstration

"Children were asked to work closely with their parents and guardians to convert waste plastics for use in gardening. The school authority was satisfied with the activity and promised more collaboration. The children went home excited with their plants." Wirsiy Emmanuel concluded 

CAMGEW has for several months been engaged in the environmental education of children in their Bamenda and Oku offices with the objective of forming the next breed of environmental protection enthusiasts. 

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