Human trafficking: Organisation blames armed conflict for increase in the NW

By Nfor Nkfu

The situation of human trafficking in the North West region has worsened with the persistence of the ongoing secessionist armed conflict.Chongsi Joseph Ayeah,director of Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy, CHRAPA, made the revelation  Friday June,17th,2022 during a Presscafe attended by journalists and some human rights actors at it's headquarters in Ghana street, Bamenda 
 The Presscafe was part of the launch of a program by the rights body dubbed "Right-based approach to combat trafficking in women and children in Littoral and North West regions of Cameroon."

The program supported by the U.S department of state aims at building awareness on human trafficking, human rights in general and strengthen immunity knowledge on when and how to seek redress.

According to CHRAPA director, the program which is victim-based seeks to respond to the rehabilitation needs of victims.
"We know they are many but we wanted to start with just 50 people in Mezam, North West and Bonaberi, Littoral" said CHRAPA director.

The 50 beneficiaries mostly women and children victims, according to CHRAPA director will be provided with individual protection.

On the criteria for selection, CHRAPA boss said, "We go for the most vulnerable.When we identify,we do the need assessment and properly identify whether these people merit the support which we will be providing".

The assistance offered include; food and non food assistance, civil documentation and above all legal assistance.

Chongsi Joseph Ayeah speaking during Presscafe 

Calling for a collective endeavour in the naming and shaming of perpetrators, he said it is really difficult to carry out legal action in the context of the ongoing secessionist armed conflict.

"We are related in one way or the other in the two factions fighting in Cameroon.Carrying out legal action against perpetrators in this context is a real challenge but we will do our best with your assistance in naming and shaming those involved" ,the rights advocate furthered.

"We have selected five victims who will benefit from legal assistance",he announced.

To him,"the situation is alarming and the crisis is making it difficult for us to nose around"