New Year Day 2022: Che Ndaka Nicholas spreads love to hospitalised Children, new born babies

By Bakah Derick

Che Ndaka Nicholas has decided to spend his new year day (January 1, 2022) spreading love to children and new born babies in hospitals around Bamenda III subdivision. The young politician and teacher told Hilltopvoices at the Nkwen District Hospital (PMI) that his inspiration was divine. 
A set of twins receive Che Ndaka's gift 

He was seen giving out envelopes to hospitalised Children at the pediatric wards of the hospital as their parents looked on visibly satisfied.  

"As the President addressed the nation last evening, I have decided to come and spend this day with you. Proverbs 16:24 tells us that sweet words are like honey combs. They are sweet to the soul and strengthen the bones. My hope is that my words will sweeten your bodies despite your ill health." These were his words to the sick children as he went through all the wards. 
Che Ndaka Nicholas speaking to a sick child at PMI
With a broad smile, he greeted women and handed envelopes to the new born babies at the maternity. They have just put to bed successfully and this to their benefactor; children are a  blessing reason why he decided to reach out only to them.  

"They are a blessing from God. I am not the one saying so. Children are a blessing from God that is why I chose them.  They have to be nurtured to grow. We are all grown-ups and so we have to encourage them to grow and be like us." Che Ndaka Nicholas added. 
Che Ndaka Nicholas in the maternity 

He had earlier made a stop at the Nkwen Integrated health center for a similar action but the absence of patients  at the facility didn't allow him to. 

Che Ndaka Nicholas is the Section President of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) for Mezam I C being Bamenda III subdivision. He is also the regional council representative for the area. 

"For my many years of Militancy for the party here, we have not known this kind of action. We are very proud of our dynamic President." Ntam James Section Secretary General noted. 
Che Ndaka Nicholas, some  section executive and Hospital personnel on duty 

Che Ndaka has promised to continue the activity yearly should the means be available. 

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