Bamenda III Council Water Scheme: Plant optimised with more quarters, households targeted

By Bakah Derick

A team of German water engineers have completed another phase of The Bamenda III Council purification plant optimisation. The experts who have been working on optimising the plant say the work this time was to install a system that permits effective monitoring of the plant even from Germany and to ensure that the water is permanently clean with the capacity  to reach more households and respond to gravitational issue which has been a challenge. 
Talkting to the press on Monday 4 October 2021 at the plant in Menteh-Nkwen Karli Heinisch one of the workers expressed satisfaction with the work done this time as concerns the optimisation of the plant. With a digital and analogue or manual system now installed to manage the purification process, the water engineer said the earlier challenge of over dirty water blocking the system can now be managed easily and automatically with the possibility of stoppage yet  ensuring continuous supply. 

"The package we brought include a dosing container for chlorine and flocculant to enhance filteration",Karli said.

Karli speaking as Gerd and Fongu looks on

Corroborating, Gerd Muller the project lead said the solar system that has been installed will control the digital septup. A new pump he added has been installed to enable the distribution of water to communities of high altitude since the water is transported from the source to households by gravity. He has expressed gratitude to benefactors like SWT,  ELIQUO KGN, ELIQUO STULZ, CENTER TECH, KROHNE, CONAQUA, Lions Club WALS- SEIZENHEIM and many private donors who donated the materials and equipment which he described as expensive. The project lead has particularly thanked Horst and Philipp WOLLSCHEID of SWT for their presence to accompany the work process. 
Gerd Muller presenting the plant digital solar energy powered control station 

Mayor Fongu Cletus while appreciating his German partners for the sacrifices made despite the security challenges in the region, has disclosed that the water plant now has the capacity to produce 60000L per hour instead of the 40000L before. This with additional storage facilities constructed, clean and safe water will be in more households in the Bamenda III municipality. Mayor Fongu has assured the city dwellers of a strong sustainability plan with the training of local technicians to ensure continuity. 

"It has been very successful because they have installed pumps and solar panels which will enable us to do filteration with solar energy....With this new system now, we have a control box and production has increased from 40,000 to 60,000 litres of water per hour", Mayor Fongu noted
One of digital control points 

Launched in December 2016, the five years old water purification plant constructed in partnership by the Bamenda III Council and Trinkwasser-Trier City Germany according to Mayor Fongu Cletus has consumed slightly over three billion. 

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