Bamenda Showbiz: Hilltopvoices talks to Zita Light on release of New music video "Kwebere"

Bamenda based gospel music artist,  song writer, singer and dancer  Zita Light has released another mind blowing music video. The journalist turned artist released the video featuring another singer Flavy Praise on June 30, 2021 as part of a project which she has christened The Change Project. In a chat with Hilltopvoices editor Bakah Derick, Zita Light speaks about her motivation, evaluates the work done in the production process  and her choice of language. Here is the short interview

Hilltopvoices: What motivated the Kwebere music video? 

Zita light:  The entire Kwebere Series or The Change Project is inspired by my search for a lasting solution to the deplorable state of our world and the desperate wickedness that is ravaging our world.

While seeking God Almighty for a divine intervention in this matter, He opened my eyes via 2 Chron 7:14 which states "2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land." Every potion of this scripture put into practice is the only way for me to intervene and heal your land" The Spirit of God reiterated to me and began to inspire me to lead His people through the different phases of the scripture, so that He can play His own part when our obedience must have been fulfilled.

The phase one of that scripture "If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, cry,crave for me" Gave birth to the first series in 2020 #NsankwiSeries #TheLamentationProject.

The second part of the scripture "..and turn from their wicked ways.." is where this 2021 series #KwebereSeries #TheChangeProject is born.
The third part of the scripture "i will from heaven and i will come and heal your land.." is the reason behind the 2022 series titled  The #NtsuhLahSeries #HealTheLandProject. All 7 songs in 7 months and 2023 will crown this particular vision with The #AbbaFatherSeries ,thanking God for what He would have done by then and what He will keep doing there after. 

#Kwebere1 is inspired by the fact that the foundational step of change to turning from our wicked ways is to first of all acknowledge that we went wrong and are operating in wickedness in the first place  and desiring genuinely to change.

#Kwebere2 specifically is inspired by the fact that,the next practical step to turning from our wicked ways after accepting our wrong and desiring change is to take an intentional step of deep genuine repentance.


Hilltopvoices: Do you feel satisfied with the product realised? 

Zita Light: To realize a project of this magnitude, at this level of work, with the lack of the best equipment and resources, I say without blinking that I am satisfied with the product realized. God bless my producer Godemma of Godemma  production and Geraldrico Guevara of Double G Filsm for the work they put in for us to realize what we were able to realize despite our limited resources. If you see the Camera and Laptop used to achieve this ,you will be so surprised. But like every sustainable success driven person, my team and I still aim for the best results in each new project.

Hilltopvoices: Singing in Nkwen, how inclusive is this piece? 

Zita Light: Well singing in Nkwen language does not only bring to light my originality and true identity as a blessed daughter of Nkwen but also permits me speak undiluted divine mysteries into the lives of people for deep inner transformation. Music is more of a spiritual thing,  releasing a spirit and a life unto people through well harmonized lyrics, sound, melodies etc than it is just a combination of all these through a particular language. In as much as the language used is vital for communication purposes, I  believe the spirit and life flowing from a song communicates much more than even the kind of language used would do. Notwithstanding, I do my best to subtitle with the common global and local languages for everyone to have something to anchor on or understand where the spirit and life flowing from the songs comes from,since language is the channel and not the music in itself.


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