Youths empowered to counter human trafficking

The Bamenda based Non-Governmental Organization NGO Youth for Change and Empowerment has launched month long activities for youths aimed at countering trafficking in persons.
The YouthFORCE program in collaboration with Vital Voices was launched Saturday January 19 in Mankon Bamenda under the theme “Not Too Young To Abolish.”
#YouthForce leadership team mounting a balloon anti-slavery ribbon
Speaking during the launching event, the Program’s Manager Tan Feghang encouraged young people to commit themselves in adding their voices and taking actions to put an end to child trafficking. The Program’s Manager expressed he believe on young people who she says are the ideal generation for sustainable change. On why her organization is targeting young people she said “We decided to target young people in this project because in the past young people have always been beneficiaries and now we believe that young people can lead change as well.”

The program launched which featured a one Kilometer walk with young people, mounting of a balloon anti-slavery ribbon and a blue balloon release to sensitize and raise community awareness on modern day slavery and trafficking in persons.
The lead of YouthForce Theresa Morfaw has strengthened her commitment to combat trafficking in persons in Cameroon and urges the entire Cameroonian population especially youth to join hands and take collective measures in putting an end to modern day slavery and trafficking in persons. Her commitment and determination some young people have said has motivated them to take a pledge to join the movement and affirm themselves as “the ideal generation for positive change”

For the next one month, activities such as Local creative sports(thug of war, tabala”,”scizzo”,”dodging”), Radio programs, the publication of a Newsletters are planned to continue raising awareness on trafficking in persons.
#YouthForce leadership and youths at launching event

Youth for Change and Empowerment (YouthFORCE) according to Theresa Morfaw the lead, is a grassroots youth led organisation with the objective to defend the rights of vulnerable youths and a mission to empower youths with vocational and life skills as a means of harnessing future leadership potentials.

YouthFORCE with one of its flagship programs  ‘shaping the next generation of abolitionist’ sponsored by VITAL VOICES, since December 2017 has spearheaded numerous youth led activities to abolish modern day slavery especially child trafficking and sex trafficking.