My Crisis Hero

Since November 2016, People in the South West and North West have witnessed a crisis that has turned into an armed conflict.
The worst humanitarian crisis ever is knocking the doors of the regions as many continue to go lifeless and homeless. Basic sanitation and healthcare facilities are nowhere to be found. 
Women now put to bed without midwives; getting sanitary pads or knowing how to dispose of them is an issue that needs redress with young women whose pregnancy level cannot be measured now. As they pack in small farm houses with no water, so too are no toilets. As the crisis rages on, many are said to be performing heroic actions intended to save lives. They could be journalists, teachers, medical personnel, soldiers or fighters, NGOs, Traditional Authorities and so on who work day and night to save lives…this is the moment to identify and celebrate them. My Crisis Hero is a unique opportunity to celebrate that person(s) in the crisis who has demonstrated outstanding bravery to save a life or lives. Email to us the name, location, profession and if possible contact of your hero in this crisis. You can talk to us on +237 694718577 or email: