The Fon of Kom has diaclaimed information circulating on social media suggesting he is the coordinator of the Ambazonians in his Fondom.

In a release read over radio stations in Bamenda from Foin Clement Ndzi II, the Paramount Fon of notes that "the news circulating on Facebook and WhatsApp on social media with the effigy of the Fon of Kom pretending to be the coordinator of the Ambazonians in Kom is fake news only meant to tarnish the image of the Fon who is still mourning his uncle and has nothing to do it the social media."

Accessing the authors of the message as criminals the Fon's release states " The author/authors of this criminal act are extorting money from the population and are equally threatening to kill their victims should they fail to comply with their demands."

Kidnappings and abductions have become the mainstay of armed groups in Kom Boyo said to be fighting for the independence of Ambazonia. Military response has led to a long-standing gun battle in the area for several months leading to the dead and displacement of many.

Living in Kom-Boyo has been a major challenge as both the armed groups carry out sporadic raids kidnapping or shooting anyone they consider a traitor or working for the government or supporting government ideologies and it is for this reason Fon Ndzi II "calls on all to be vigilant and to take necessary precautions not to be tricked by these men and urge all to immediately report to the various security agencies any attempts by these men of the underworld to extort money from them and encourage the general public not to give in to any of their useless threats."

It is worth mentioning that many have been kidnapped in the area including top government functionaries, local councilors, education officials and ordinary civilians. The outing by the monarch comes at the time many are beginning to get scared and frightened at the mentioned of anything connected to anything Ambazonia armed groups.

"I gave money to some people who came to my office saying they were the boys from Batibo. Truly I didn't give because I wanted to because I love to but because of my life I had. I have heard terrible things that they do to people. I only noticed they were the ones when I removed money to give him and he said put on the table." a Bamenda city dweller narrates to this reporter after some of the group members stormed city chemist collecting funds from office to office shop to shop.

"Thank God our Fon has made that outing because if he does not they will accuse him of being the coordinator of those fighters. Life is terrible for us in Kom. Something must be done for us to live normally again." A Kom subject who will not want to be named reacts to the Fon's outing.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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