The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF has called on armed groups fighting in the North West and South West regions to stop punishing their people whom they say they are protecting.

 John Fru Ndi was speaking in Bambui Saturday during the funeral of the immediate past Mayor of the Tubah Council. According to the SDF strongman lots of people can't even go to their farms or do basic income generating activities.
SDF Leader at Funeral Tubah Past Mayor

"Even in war soldiers need to eat. Those who are fighting also need to eat and you can't succeed if you prevent the people from going to their farms. Please you can be fighting but do not punish the people." He said

Fru Ndi's message did not however go down well with some of villager who rather think it could provoke the Ambazonia armed groups who had actually allowed that the former Mayor be buried peacefully.

"I don't know why the Chairman decided to be taking about that but it's okay because we are really suffering suffering. It has not been easy with us here for some time now because shooting starts at anyntime. I just fear those can just attack us now because they are not afraid of anyone."  A Bambui based mourner said

Fru Ndi who maintains that he has been working had to improve the situation of the country insisted that he has used every opportunity he has to reinstate issues of poor governance in the country. He noted that he refused to fight in 1992 when his presidential election victory was stolen because he knew that the people will be the ones to suffer if such a war or fight was started.

"I know the Amba boys are are here and I must tell them this. On my way here I saw brown things and others burnt. You can't protect the people by burning their businesses or destroy their properties." Fru Ndi noted

"We have heard different types on guns here. I have seen people killed here. As i even came for this funeral I don't feel safe. this area has been the battle ground. I just hope people shooting will hear the appeal of the Chairman." Njieh tells me not looking happy.

It should be recalled that of recent Bambui has become a battle ground for the military and armed groups in the NW regions.

Located along the Bamenda-Fundong highway, the vulnerability of Bambui largely bushy cannot be doubted mindful of the fact that gun battles have been recurrent in neighbouring villages like Babangki and Njinikom which have caused many to flee their homes.

With the gun battles intensifying and closing up to the city centre Bamenda villages like Bambui.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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