Large heaps of abandoned waste is one of the major things that welcome one to Bamenda these days. These heaps grow everyday as households, residential areas and markets continue to produce waste.

In Bamenda's main streets and markets waste is everywhere. At Bamenda's food market where waste is produced every day from perishable items like vegetables, fruits and other food stuffs. Yet this monday when this reporter visited the food market petty business men and women can be seen selling by these filthy heaps which produce a very terrible smell.

As why is the waste abandoned in such large quantities, the Bamenda City Delegate Vincent Ndumu Nji was not available to answer us and so we spoke to the Mayor of Bamenda III Council Fongu Cletus who tells us the bridge on the road leading to the dump site in Mbelewa was destroyed by some unknown persons.

"The waste in town cannot be picked up because the bridge on the road to the dump site has been destroyed. The people incharge of waste collection ans disposal in town called me to do something but I told them I don't have the means." The Mayor said
The waste management institution in town is HYSACAM. Their vehicles are parked and no authority is available to talk to me. However a cleaner is seated outside and accepts to talk to me on condition of anonymity.

"We use to work in the evenings and in the morning but now we cannot because of the curfew." She could not however answer why her authorities could not get an authorisation from the Governor who has instituted the curfew.

There are no signs the waste will be picked up soon as the repay of the bridge is not on sight. Several other bridges linking neighbourhoods and inter regional towns have been destroyed. The action has been linked to armed groups fight for the independence of Southern Cameroon though no one has claimed responsibility for the cutting of bridges.

Three years ago before the cleaning company HYSACAM came to Bamenda, the City Council and Subdivisional Councils were responsible for waste collection and disposal in Bamenda. With the collaboration of the population in what was known as clean up campaign which took place every first
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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