About 30 girls have come to the end of a one week leadership boot camp in Bamenda.

About 30 girls have come to the end of a one week leadership boot camp in Bamenda. Organized by the Bamenda Head quartered non-governmental organisation NGO Hope for the Needy Association HOFNA-Cameroon assembled girls  between 13-19years under the theme “entrepreneurship and servant leadership: inspiring the next generation of Female leaders in Cameroon. 


According to the Director of HOFNA Christelle Bay C, the  “Girls Leadership Boot camp is a prime example of how to fill the pipeline with young female leaders ready to learn, gain experience, understand their bodies and grow into more senior leadership roles as their careers progress.” 
The fireside moment at the Girls leadership Boot Camp 2018
 During the camp, the girls listened to physical and online presentations and carried out practical activities which gave them an opportunity to understand several issues amongst them; Self-esteem strategies that over-come self-doubt, time management, team building and organizational skills, building inner peace, improving communication and leadership skills, using Arts to represent dreams for the future and promote peace and tolerance, self-care, Menstrual Hygiene and related issues, goal motivation, civic participation and elections,  building basic entrepreneurial skills. 


Yembe Nfor CEO of Yems Group and a 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow who opened the camp presentations engaged the girls on pitching of a Project Idea, setting and achieving goals, Team work and Team Building. According to him, girls must be creative with clear goals while working as a team in a bid to reach their full potentials. 
HOFNA Director Christelle Bay (in blue) spending the fireside moment with the girls

The representative of Mother of Hope Cameroon shared with the girls on puberty, menstrual hygiene, teenage pregnancies and related issues. With the girls it was conclusions were reached amongst them “SAVE Sex so that it can be SAFE at the right time, sex can wait and should wait till the right time.” 

Speaking on Effective Communication, effective use of the social media and adolescent girls championing the rape culture, Comfort Mussa CBM Field Communications Coordinator for West/Central Africa and Founder of Sisterspeak237 encouraged the girls on the need to value self and avoid feeling less important. She later spent the day with girls, other facilitators and HOFNA officials to share experiences by a special fireside reminiscent of the years past when parents shared stories by the fireside.
Rima Desai Transformational Life Coach for women and kids at the Guiding star on Skype with the girls
Hope for the Needy Association co-founder and Programs Manager- Munteh Florence Chea, Mirabel Ngong Founder of CEP Cameroon and 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow, Rev Fr Francis Tche Principal Saint Paul’s College, Rima Desai Transformational Life Coach for women and kids at the Guiding star (via Skype) Gortrand Berinyuy, Fellow YALI Regional Leadership Center amongst others guided the girls via different topics. 

The girls end the camp with the determination to engage their peers in raising awareness on emotional trauma and abuse and how it hinders the development of children especially girls, encouraging parents to build stronger relationship with their children, to run a #StopHate campaign both online and in 2 university campuses with the hashtags- #EiDonDo and #StopBadBelly amongst others. 
Mirabel Ngong Founder of CEP Cameroon speaking with the girls

HOFNA Director Christelle Bay has described the camp as enriching and successful. Though with limited funds, she has reminded grateful with the fact that parents allowed their children to come at such challenging times and that her facilitators showed uncommon commitment towards the success of the camp. While expressing the hope for another camp next year, She has promised to keep in touch with the girls to make such their dreams do not die after the camp. She has also thanked partners like SHEMKA Foundation, SistersSpeak237, VUVU and Miss Africa Texas for standing by her for the success of the camp.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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