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The Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Systems in Cameroon has urged journalists to ensure peaceful elections in Cameroon.
Jean-Jacque Massima-Lanji was speaking in Bafoussam Tuesday at the opening of a three-day capacity building workshop on “media coverage of elections and the promotion of peaceful elections in Cameroon.”

Participants in session
While noting that the workshop is a response from the United Nations to the many calls expressed by journalists themselves as a show of determination to not only acquire new knowledge and experience in the field but also their determination to contribute to the success of the upcoming elections, Jean-Jacque Massima Landji noted that “elections are indeed crucial moments in the democratic life of a nation. Their transparency is fundamental in the context of Sustainable Development Gals (SDGs) in which one of the Goals, Goal 16 is dedicated to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all and building effective accountable institutions at all levels.” From this perspective he added “the United Nations system encourages the competent authorities to continue with their efforts in creating an enabling environment so that journalists can freely exercise their duties.”  
Jean-Jacque Massima Landji
Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Systems in Cameroon
The resident Coordinator then used his address to “invite media professionals to fully assume their social responsibilities, which means showing impartiality in the manner in which they treat and disseminate information in order to allow to every citizen to have access to reliable information so that the electors/voters could freely make informed choices at the appropriate time.” 
He urged the over 30 journalists from the Northwest, Southwest and West Regions, “to make strong commitments along lines of a historic or significant contribution to peaceful, credible and inclusive elections.” 
 The three day workshop from the 10-12 is featuring presentations by Communication and Human Rights experts like Haman Mana publisher of the French daily Le Jour, Fonyuy Kiven Communication and Advocacy Assistance UNCDH-CA, Same Teclaire Communication Officer UN Women, Baba Wame Lecturer ESSTIC and others on a variety of issues amongst them; ethics and deontology of journalism, regulation and self-regulations, balanced treatment of information during electoral period, the principles of nonsexist/gender sensitive communication in the electoral process; social media which will reinforce   the role of the media in the prevention of crisis, crisis management and violence during electoral periods as well as  Human Rights violations and abuse during elections as well gender, democracy peace and security. 
Haman Mana Publisher Le Jour presenting a paper
The Bafoussam workshop comes after Ngaoundere and Douala which also permitted selected journalists from other seven regions of the country to receive a similar training. According to a joint information note by the United Nations, the participants at the previous workshops acknowledged the risks and threats to social peace that can be provoked by news articles and programs which do not obey the principles and tenants of balanced and impartial treatment of information thereby engaging to promote peace journalism and to work with complete independence and responsibility, in favour of sustainable development.” 
At the close of the workshop Thursday July 12, the participants adopted two key documents; The Code of good conduct for journalists and media during electoral period and The Bafoussam Declaration. In these documents, they engaged to promote peace journalism and work with complete independence and responsibility, in favour of sustainable development.  
The workshops are jointly organized by the United Nation Regional Office for Africa (UNOCA), the United Nation DevelopmentProgramme UNDP, the United Nation Educatin Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO, the United Nation Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa UNCDH-CA, the United Nation Information Centre UNIC, and the United Nation Resident Coordinator’s Office Cameroon with support from Elections Cameroon ELECAM, the National Communication Council NCC, Ministries of External Relations, Communications and Women’s Empowerment and the family.
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