After the May 25 incident in Menka Santa Subdivision that left young people in tens dead in their own cold blood has generated both on air and online condemnation as well as rebuke of North West Elites and Politicians for staying silent in the face of what has been described as a massacre. 

Though those killed have been officially tagged “terrorists”, commentators are of the opinion that other options could still be on the table instead of the shootings and killings which has given rise to the new worries built around the silence of elites and politicians of Santa Subdivision in particular and the North West region as a whole.
The messages that have gone wild on social media mention the likes of Former Prime Minister Achidi Achu, National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF John Fru Ndi, regular speaker on behalf of North West Elites and MEDINO Director John B. Ndeh and others all from Santa are questioning why these people will still remain silent after they describe as carnage in Santa/Pinyin.
“It is an embarrassment that we are at this level. The more embarrassing thing is that Anglophones who are in government have gone deaf and dump. That nobody in government will say a word about the horrible pictures I saw on social media is a shame. If they have chosen to protect their jobs instead of their people then only time will tell. Worst of them are those from Santa and even those in the opposition. I am ashamed of my country. That we cannot solved problems affecting us.” An observer said
Away from the people from Santa, Prime Minister Philemon Yang has also been indicted for staying mute. The Seven Senators and 20 parliamentarians have not been spared in the online indictment.
“We have reduced ourselves to near animal level where we kill our kind and celebrate as if nothing has happened. Anybody who saw the pictures from the Santa the other day and has a human heart will weep. I am sure those in authority have a heart let them do something and not just watch people perish like green spices. We are made in the image and likeness of God. The way it is going if God shows up here and says something that people donot want to hear someone will shoot.” The Clergy said
Not only elites and politicians of the North West are concerned. The likes of Former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge known for preaching and crusading the indivisibility of Cameroon.
Though there have been official reactions to these indictments from any of those cited, many of the concerned will obviously stand where the government stand
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

Bakah Derick is a Broadcast Presenter and Multimedia specialist with focus on sharing with the rest of the world the daily happenings in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. You can contact us on +237 675460750 or

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