FAWCAM advocates Animal protection legislation in Cameroon

Foundation for Animal Welfare Cameroon FAWCAM  on field officials  work
By Bakah Derick in Bamenda

The Bamenda based charity Foundation for Animal Welfare Cameroon FAWCAM has expressed the wish for the government of Cameroon to put in place legislation for animal protection in the country. The wish is contained in the hand book of the Foundation made public July 1, 2017 indicating “that FAWCAM has submitted a proposed draft Animal Protection Legislation to the government of Cameroon for approval.”
The Foundation headed by Prof Ben Fru Wara explains that the reason for the proposal of such legislation is because “Cameroonians are ignorant of the fact that animals are sentient beings and that is why there is much abuse of animals among Cameroonians. There is also the lack of government protection for animals hence the need for a separate law for animal protection.” The proposed piece of legislation the foundation hopes will be presented to parliament soonest by the Minister of Livestock Fisheries and Animal Industries so it can become law in Cameroon.
Created in 2004 as the Regional Association for Animal Welfare RAAW, FAWCAM as it is known today following its nationwide coverage, has as objectives; providing animal welfare services, campaigning for better treatment of animals, promoting kindness and alleviate suffering of all animals, providing education and community training programmes to change the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of animal owners, communities and children.
With the mission of improving the lives of animals throughout Cameroon by delivering community based animal care, education and welfare, FAWCAM with a team of animal welfare officers has been providing support to handlers and pet owners in need of their help with donkeys and their owners in Bui Division North West region already benefiting.
According to Prof Ben Fru Wara in “over the last 13years, more than 500 companion animals owners have graduated from seminars on responsible animal ownership. Over 300 dogs have received free vaccination from FAWCAM. We reached about some 500 donkeys and 214 donkey owners and handlers in Bui Division.” In a bid to ensure sustainability FAWCAM CEO told this reporter that “we have trained 20 community-based animal health workers (CAHWs) who qualified as veterinary paraprofessionals and are now working with livestock owning communities with a role in the delivery of animal care services. We have transformed the live of many animals especially donkeys thereby helping to make a different to the welfare of animals. The behavior of the people who work with them has been greatly improved in the interest of the animals.”
Apart from the legislation for Cameroon, the charity is also expressing the hope that Cameroon adopts several international declarations and conventions amongst them the International Declaration for the welfare of Animals, Declaration of World Animal Week observed October 4-10 every week, Convention on international Trade in Endangered species of wild Fauna and Flora 1973, Convention on wetlands of international Importance, Convention on the Conservation of Migratory species of Wild animals 1979.
Campaigning for a better live for Cameroon’s pets, practical and humane farming methods for all farms animals, the safety of wild animals from all sports and cruel trappings, alternatives to replace animals in experiments, the charity hopes to make “Cameroon take the leadership position among its neighbours of the central African sub region in animal welfare and protection issues.”