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Cameroon Head of State’s message to the Nation 2015

My Dear Compatriots, As the year 2015 draws to an end, I would like to invite you, as each year, to review how we have fared as a Nation and to project ourselves into the New Year together, with assurance and determination. You would agree with me – I believe – that a single word suffices to describe our country during the year that is drawing to an end: RESILIENCE.  I am referring, as you know, to our people’s capacity to resist and to cope with day-to-day challenges, which is acknowledged by all development partners. This attribute, which is fundamental to great Nations, was clearly demonstrated on two major fronts: our country’s economic performance and its security situation. Let us begin with economic performance: As we are all aware, the present global context is characterized, among other things, by: -  slow global growth, and -  dwindling oil and other commodity prices. In this adverse global context, our economy was able to hold up well, maintain

2015 Review: January and February in the Northwest

By Bakah Derick January 2015 Politics The news year opened with Reactons on the End of year Speech by the President of the republic Paul Biya: reacting to the speech from bamenda Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 Presidential hopeful {Pending Primaries} stated that Contrary to Biya, Cameroon has no democratic institutions. Felix wrote quotes In the December 31st 2014 end of year and New Year speech, President Paul Biya as often got into self deceit by claiming Cameroon has democratic institutions! Felix Teche Nyamusa According to Biya, having built democratic institutions, Cameroon should now move into other development aspects like tackling second generation projects, industrialization …. Felix said   His likes and himself ( Biya ) should come out of selves treachery and realize that Cameroon will explode anytime from now because of lack of democracy, good governance : ELECAM by all stretch of imagination is not a democratic institution - it is created by Biya

Special Focus II: Complete Pope's Christmas Day Message ("Urbi et Orbi" Message - Christmas 2015)

Courtesy News.VA  Dear brothers and sisters, Happy Christmas! Pope Francis 2015 Christmas Message Christ is born for us, let us rejoice in the day of our salvation! Let us open our hearts to receive the grace of this day, which is Christ himself.  Jesus is the radiant “day” which has dawned on the horizon of humanity.  A day of mercy, in which God our Father has revealed his great tenderness to the entire world.  A day of light, which dispels the darkness of fear and anxiety.  A day of peace, which makes for encounter, dialogue and, above all, reconciliation.  A day of joy: a “great joy” for the poor, the lowly and for all the people (cf. Lk 2:10). On this day, Jesus, the Saviour is born of the Virgin Mary.  The Crib makes us see the “sign” which God has given us: “a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger” (Lk 2:12).  Like the shepherds of Bethlehem, may we too set out to see this sign, this event which is renewed yearly in the Church.  Christ

Sprcial Focus I: Pope condemns recent "brutal acts of terrorism," in Christmas Day Message

By Bakah Derick with Reports from Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY | (Additional reporting by Stephen Addison ; Editing by Mark Trevelyan ) Pope Francis urged the world in his Christmas message on Friday to unite to end atrocities by Islamist militants that he said were causing immense suffering in many countries. Security was tight at the Vatican as Francis, marking the third Christmas since his election in 2013, read his traditional Christmas Day "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world) address from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica. Tens of thousands of people had to have their bags checked as they entered the Vatican area and then go through airport-style screening if they wanted to enter St. Peter's Square. Pope Francis Counter-terrorist police with machine guns discreetly patrolled the area in unmarked vans with dark windows. After calling for an end to the civil wars in Syria and Libya , the pope said: "

YOSA Sign New Coach

By Bakah Derick The President of Yong Sports Academy YOSA Yong Jacque early Thursday December 24, 2015 confirmed the signing of Ndumbe Bosso as Head Coach of the team. The president made the confirmation after a close door meeting with the trainer who before meeting the president had a training session with YOSA players in the Mankon-Bamenda municipal stadium.  Yong Jacque (YOSA President in suit) in a hand shake with Ndumbe Bosso after Contract Though the President has not made public the duration of the contract nor the fee maintaining that it is an issue between the contracting parties, Yong Jacque indicated to hilltopvoices that Ndumbe will have as key mission to use his know how to put YOSA amongst the best three teams in the country by the end of the 2016 season.  Ndumbe Bosso arrives YOSA Head quarters Ndumbe Bosso returns to YOSA after winning the Cup of Cameroon with the team in 2013. While with Panthere du Nde during the 2015 season the technician f

Quail Incubator maker at Bamenda III Mini Agro pastoral Show

By Bakah Derick  The esplanade of the Nkwen Fon’s Palace recently was host to a variety of food items produced across the municipality for the last one year. The event was the annual mini agro pastoral show of the municipality organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.  While a majority of the farmers showed up with farm produce like yams, cassavas, maize, Honey, plantain, palm fruits, cattle, pigs and others, Joel Ankongha showed up with quail birds and their incubator. The 23years gentleman of Kom extraction became a strong force of attraction when he mounted his bush lamb powered incubator.  Though specialized in automobile repairs during his days in the Technical school, Joel in 2011 decided to embark on the creation of an incubator to grow quail birds which are according to him are in high demand for many reasons including medicinal.  Made alongside a border for nurturing of the birds, Joel told hilltopvoices that his incu