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Bamenda III and City Councils sends off Deputy Mayor

Bamenda City Council instrumental By Bakah Derick Reporter @Hilltopvoces Bamenda City Council dances Bamenda III dances In Bamenda III dances In FBI leading Bamenda III dances In the staff in dark suits Ma Bati's Final resting place Ma Bati being marched into the Bda III council premises Bamenda III Gendarme official pays last respect. Stella Munde Bda III PRO says Goodbye It was an outstanding show of Love for Late Bati Rose Lailam, 1 st Deputy Mayor to the Bamenda III sub divisional Council Friday January 23, 2015 as

End of year Speech: Contrary to Biya, Cameroon has no democratic institution

Felix Teche OPINION By Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 Presidential hopeful {Pending Primaries} In the December 31st 2014 end of year and New Year speech, President Paul Biya as often got into self deceit by claiming Cameroon has democratic institutions! According to Biya, having built democratic institutions, Cameroon should now move into other development aspects viz tackling second generation projects, industrialization …. His likes and himself ( Biya ) should come out of selves treachery and realize that Cameroon will explode anytime from now because of lack of democracy, good governance : ELECAM by all stretch of imagination is not a democratic institution - it is created by Biya “ the natural presidential candidate” for CPDM, yet throughout his over three decades at Etoudi(Cameroon’s presidency) , Biya never won any genuine elections ! . ELECAM’s top personnel are CPDM militants (who brandish after-appointment into ELECAM resignation letters from CPDM - they dir