The candidature of Akere Muna for the 2018 presidential elections has received another endorsement which has been described as a landmark endorsement by a youth(s). Prince Michael Ekosso Ngwesse National President of the United Socialist Democratic Party USDP made the uncommon outing in Bamenda last Thursday. 
USDP backs Akere Muna
The soft spoken and charismatic Prince from the Bakweri land in the South West Region was emphatic when he declared his and his party’s support for Akere Muna as he explained “after consultation with members of the executive bureau of my party we endorsed Akere Muna.” Justifying his/their choice, The USDP top official noted that his party was created to make sure people have a say and with Akere Muna standing as “The Cameroonian Candidate from both the Francophone and Anglophone point of view.”  

Quizzed on why he could not run for post of President himself as a youth but preferred Akere Muna and whether this could not jeopardize his political career, Prince Michael responded “It cannot jeopardize my career because Cameroonians have been hoping to see a coalition for a unique candidate and his popularity in the French Speaking zones of Cameroon is enough reason to stand by him.” He dismissed the possibility of his candidate running on the USDP ticket put said there is a Now Movement on which he will run. 

He was categorical that “the crisis in the NW and SW regions is a political problem and solving it is very clearly connected to elections for a change of leadership. Cameroon’s problems have nothing to do with living together; the issue is about leadership.” Elections he stated “are the proper way to solve the Anglophone crisis.” 

Though he will not state the number of states his candidate will go for if elected, the USDP President declared that he will be going for a Federal form of state government if voted into office so as to enable people have a say in governance. 

He will also not mention any party with his line of thought in the endorsement of Akere Muna put maintained that “there is a platform of political parties endorsing Akere.” 

Faulting some political parties for individualistic tendencies the Prince observed that “If those who created parties love Cameroonians, they should form a coalition to change power.”  

Describing his stay in Bamenda as traumatizing following the socio-politico-economic crisis, the Akere Muna supporter appealed to all to stand by his candidate with the assurance that only a unique candidate with Akere’s pedigree can save Cameroon.  
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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