The regional commission charged with combating the distribution of illicit fuel in the North West Region has seized over 18000 litters of illegal yet highly demanded liquid. North West regional delegate for Mines Ndodgeng Bossong A. made the revelation Friday December 15, 2017 during a visit by North West Governor to the warehouse where the seized fuel is stored.
“During this operation we seized 18000 litters of fuel with 15 on super and 3 000 of gasoline. We started in November until now and this is the result we produce.” Ndodgeng Bossong said.
On what happens to the fuel after the seizure he added “the regulation say that we have to first of all test the product. If the product is of good quality at this time we should sale to the marketers that is those who have the ability to do this activity and after selling normally according to the regulations in force 14percent will go to the regional commission fighting against the illicit distribution of this fuel, 30percent to the treasury, 15percent for the inspector and 15percent for the administration forces of law and order.”
As the Regional Administrative head looked at the many containers stocked in the warehouse with pungent fuel smell emerging from therein, He gave a firm hand check to the regional delegate and his team for putting up such a good fight which does not only establish order but also secures the economy of the country.
“We have already stopped sensitizing because as of today everybody is informed that it is a problem. We have to secure our economy; to take care of the health not only of our vehicles but also that of the population because that product is not of good quality sometimes. It is hindering the smooth development of our economy. I have instructed the inspector general in charge of the fight to undertake a tour of the region and along with the SDO and the Dos for them to take ownership of the fight and I am appealing to all including the population of the North West region, the civil servants and security services to take ownership of the fight because we still register some of us who are accomplice to the irregular sale of the contraband product in the region.” Governor Lele told the Guardian Post.
While expressing satisfaction with the work done so far and the money put in the state treasury as a result of the fight against the distribution and sale of the product now baptized fingi in the North West, the governor recommended the sanctioning and prosecution of all those found operating the black market business.

Damages however recorded from the fight cannot be underestimated as skeletons of two burnt trucks and mini bus can still be seen in Bambui Tubah Sub division after the fuel carrying mini bus is said to have gone on flames. Unconfirmed sources say the flames were caused by a bullet fired into the car by forces of law and order after all attempts to stop the fuel carrier failed. The driver reports say escaped immediately after the flames started leaving his car and two others to burn to ashes. 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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