Tim Immaculate CEO ICON display her Awards 
By Bakah Derick in Bamenda 

Tim Immaculate a Bamenda based civil engineer has emerged winner of Africa’s most influential Woman in Business and Government Award 2017. The physically very happy Civil Engineer announced her award on her Facebook page Saturday October 21, 2017 with location indicating Accra Ghana. 
Expressing her joy she went memory lane “When I found my passion in Building and construction about 20yrs ago, I never knew a day like this would come.”
The founder of Immaculate Conception ICON did not forget the company she created some years back and the work she has been doing. “When I created ICON in 2010, I never knew a day like this would come. When I embarked on building school infrastructures including gender sensitive toilets to provide conclusive learning environment for children and also reduce the rate of disease outbreak in my community, I never imagined a day like this would come.”
The construction industry has no doubt been a male-dominated area. Given this fact, it’s even more inspiring to come across women who are not only thriving in construction, but who have raised to the decision-maker level in their companies. Tim Immaculate is one of them who has not only studied and is practicing Civil Engineering but has also gone further to encourage young girls to be like her. She did not ignore this as she celebrated her latest award for Country and Region in the Building and Construction sector. “When I embarked on reducing the stereotype that links masculinity to engineering by encouraging girls to pursue STEM career and mentoring them, I never knew a day like this would come.”
How it happened she explains  “In October last year when I received a nomination letter for Africa's most influential woman in business and government award 2017 from CEO Global in South, I never knew a day like this would come. In May this year when I was interviewed as a semifinalist, I still didn't imagine I would be singled out of over 4000 applicants.
Today I'm super excited to have been honoured with these awards - Country and Regional Awards in Building and Construction sector.”
Expressing her feelings and future plans she said “I am excited my work has been recognised in Africa. These Awards are catalyst for ICON to create new neighbourhoods that will form future cities in my country through an innovative concept in the building and construction sector. We aim to construct at least 100 sustainable green homes for low to mid income earners by 2018. Thank you CEO Global for believing in me.”

The Global South award comes after Tim Immaculate was recently awarded with the YALI SPIRIT award in appreciation for her Visionary Guidance and Undaunting Leadership skills during the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) West Africa Training program fellowship in Lagos, Nigeria early this year.
Talking about what she does some time back, the happily married mother of three who this reporter sees as a go getter said “I am proud of who I am; A Civil Engineer. I am proud of what I do. We empower women in this construction industry. I want to minimize the stereotype that links with masculinity in civil construction industry. Women should know that they belong, they can be happy being civil engineers. We are talking of emergence 2035 I believe a woman is creative, women are good managers. We need you women in this construction industry. We have to come together with our diverse minds of thinking and see how we can help Cameroon to emerge in that 2035.” 
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

Bakah Derick is a Broadcast Presenter and Multimedia specialist with focus on sharing with the rest of the world the daily happenings in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. You can contact us on +237 675460750 or debakah2004@gmail.com.

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