The state of progress of projects of the 2016 road maintenance programme and the itineraries selected for works of the 2017 road maintenance programme were the main activities on day two of Public Works Minister's visit to the North West Region.
Confined with his central and North West regional close collaborators in a hotel in Bamenda, Minister Nganou Njoumessi for several hours cross examined the items in a bid to better understand the situation of road network in a region whose major issues have been around poor road infrastructure.
Being the expert and administrator on the ground, the Regional Delegate for Public Works NW had the opportunity to elaborately present the state of roads. According to Denis Awo Ndang, the roads have different situational reports. Starting with N11 Bamenda-Bambui-Ndop, Wum -Befang-Bafut- Bamenda, P24 Bambui-Fundong all handed to Edge construction company to backfill, fill potholes, do double and triple dressing, masonry and place road signs, the Delegate remarked that works were underway at 77.44% progress.
Denis Awo Ndang will regret the very slow start of work on the Sabga-Nsei-Ndop 16.996km road awarded to Wallang Richard due to the unavailability of bitumen.
N11 and Ring road stretches from Kumbo-Nkambe, Nkambe-Mesaje, Mesaje-Weh awarded to Ets Sawi also came under review with the conclusion that the works were satisfactory as surfacing has been done up to Kumbo with progress rated at 35%. NAN Company ltd that started works on the Weh-Wum, Wum-Befang and Befang Bafut Fundong-Weh since July will be blame for not progressing satisfactorily.
For lack of delivery as expected, a notice of formal warning has been introduced in the circuit for signature to Erico and the Brothers company as concerns Ntafoang-Guzang Mbengwi-Tudig, Nsongwa-Chomba and Bamben-Widikum roads the delegate indicated.
As concerns roads like Benakuma-Bawouro-Akwaya, Bamali-Bambalang, Balikumbat-Bamukumbit, amongst others Awo Ndang told the gathering that works were underway.
The rehabilitation and construction works of engineering structures in the region will also come under review with some like construction of a bridge over river Ntem at Kakar on the Kakar-Sabongari road and reinforced bridge over river Japan between Jakiri and Foumban declared completed.
The Minister who appreciated the state of progress will note that there is need for those whose responsibility it is to do their work within record time and direct possible difficulties to the appropriate quarters. He will also regrate the slow and care free altitude of some contractors adding that no such carelessness will be tolerated in the use of state funds for the execution of state projects.
Nganou Njoumessi will also encourage his collaborators in the region who complained of lack of working facilities like cars to be patient adding that their needs will be duly attended to.
The Minister of Public Works leaves Bamenda with the hopes of many being the eventual taring of the Babadjou-Bamenda road which he launched May 16 in Santa.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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