NW Bits Farewell to Another Anti Boko Haram Hero

The earth has once again swallowed another soldier fallen in the anti Boko haram warfront in the far North region of Cameroon. Marechal de logis Monjang Jerome Mbelli from Batibo subdivision in the North West region was given last honours at the Bamenda up station Army Headquarters by the regional governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique Saturday April 22, 2017.
The 23year old soldier who met death while in service in Kolofata according to Major Issa who read details at the last honours event died after a brutal suicide attack on their car while they were returning from shopping on the 19, April, 2017.
A solemn last honour event ritual in pure military fashion in the presence of NW Governor and other top ranking military officers justified the attention and respect the state gives to persons who dedicate their lives in the fight for the protection of fatherland.
Born on the 30th of September, 1993, the deceased joined the defense forces in March 2013 at 20 from the University of Yaounde I where he was on his second year of studies. After several training stop overs in Koutaba and others in Yaounde, Monjang was appointed in April 2015 to join the Gendarmerie family in Mora particularly Kolofata in the fight against Boko Haram.
After spending just about four years 28 days in service, family members spontaneously screamed loud as they burst crying in frustration. Grace Ngonwei mother to the soldier who could manage to talk to reporters expressed deep disappointment after hearing her son’s demise.

Uba Varsity games 2017:
Games launched in a vast construction site

Higher education minister has officially opened the 2017 University games hosted by the University of Bamenda Uba. Prof Jacque Fame Ndongo who is still in Bamenda opened the games in its 20th edition Saturday April 22, 2017. The heavily attended event which held in the incomplete Olympic stadium of Uba practically laid credence to many who were of the opinion that the University was not ready to host the event. While the event went on, caterpillars could still be seen opening places around. Painters could also be seen painting lawn tennis, volley ball and basketball cord. Also conspicuous was the poor drainage system around the stadium and the sandy football pitch instead of the announced synthetic turf. Though authorities around Uba told the press ahead of the games that they were above 90% ready, many amongst them the Mayor of Tubah Tanjong Martin Moshongong are of the opinion that realization rate is far less than that.
Addressing the opening ceremony, the outspoken Mayor accused Uba authorities for failing to respect town planning rules in the constructions around the University. According to the award winning Mayor it was necessary for the games to start with unfinished infrastructure so as to permit the University sit with council engineers to produce an architectural master piece. He lamented over the small nature of roads leading to and from the University adding that government should hasten the construction of the double carriage way from Bamenda to Bambili. Though the University and Higher education authorities played down on the state of infrastructure with the ideology that Uba is a baby university, Mayor Tanjong pleaded with the authorities that they should not to allow the projects to go with the games but be completed even after the games.
The strongman of higher education however waved the infrastructural challenges declaring that the games will be very successful. According to the Minister everything is beautiful as he showered praises on Uba’s Vice Chancellor Prof Theresia Akenji for leaving up to “this republican challenge” and putting in place the infrastructure that has made Uba a top-notch University in the higher Education family in Cameroon. 

Prof Fame Ndongo throws flowers on Bamenda
In what looked like a subtle way to throw flowers or flatter the people of the host region North West region, the Minister of higher education noted that he was very happy to be in Bamenda. “We congratulate the strong, fantastic, and welcoming people of Bamenda and of the North West region.” Sounding very loud and clear the minister did not give room for the ongoing crisis which he masters well to distract him. Over and over he maintained that Bamenda is the appropriate home for the games. In what looked like a contradiction, the Minister also thanked the people of Bamenda and Tubah in particular for their massive turn out.
Fan clubs fan the event
In different outfits and drums, the fan clubs carry sign boards announcing the different options in their respective schools as they parade from one sporting ground to another. As if to say the national Federation of University Sports FENASU understood so well te value of this part of the games instituted an award for the best fan club. Beginning from the commercial avenue where a symbolic marathon was organized to kick start sporting activities, fan clubs from the different institutions displayed the different aspect of their communities. At the opening later in Bambili, fan clubs were the major attraction with the host University staging an appreciated outing by the thousands who answered present. Many could be seen jumping up from time to time to cheer for the different fan clubs particularly with the passage of the University of Maroua whose fan club carried symbolic guns reflecting the struggle against the boko haram in the Far North region. The ceremony’s opening march decried vices like drug addiction, corruption and promoted republican values like protection of national integrity, peaceful co-existence, love and national unity.
“Bidoung challenge” steal’s show
The recent and popular greeting style by the Minister of sports and physical education took center stage. At the commercial avenue where the opening cross country started in the presence of the minister, students demonstrated an avalanche of modified styles. In their excitement, the students practically prevented the ministers from a successful unity walk as they stylishly grabbed the hands of the charismatic Minister. Students could be seen in a chain of about 50 executing the now known “Bidoung challenge.”
The games mascot and monument (Bamenda games with Bafoussam mascot)
The 2017 games mascot and monument is another point of focus. The tall and imposing figure at the heart of the university conceived and realized ny Nadege Noumsi of the University of Bamenda has been christened “The town crier.” Uba authorities say “the town crier “reflects the cultural milieu in which the University of Bamenda is implanted.” This has however not been accepted by cultural experts in the Northwest. The Town crier said to be the propagator of the values of education has been interpreted by those with this thoughts as rather a representation of the culture of the West region of Cameroon. From the blue, red and white colours on the downer vestments of the mascot resembling traditional attires from the West, the position of the gong carried by the crier and the colours and shape of the cap, they further conclude that there was either an error or no intention to have the North West represented in the Mascot of University that has been largely occupied by people from the West Region.

Fame Ndongo saves face from Yang; “terminates” Biya’s computer project.”
Amongst the guests at the opening event was Dr Linda Yang wife of the Prime Minister and Head of government Philemon Yang. In a special recognition of her presence, the Minister of Higher education noted that as coordinator of Chantal Biya’s CERAC her being in Bamenda signifies the presence of the First lady. Mindful of the differences that have existed between the PM and the Minister of Higher Education as concerns the ongoing Anglophone crisis, observers were taken aback with Prof Fame Ndongo’s event. “Mr Philemon Yang as you all know is my boss and is a strong, illustrious, and very important son of this beautiful region. Thank you for him.” Prof Fame said.  On the 500,000 laptops promised by the Head of State, the Minister stated “I am very happy to inform higher education students that the process relative to the special presidential donation of 500000 computers will be terminated this year.” This did not go well with the crowd until he added “It is a commitment of the Head of State! The President of the Republic HE Paul Biya and as we speak, the biometric list is being progressively constituted in all eight state universities and the 215 private institutes of higher education are being invited to work with the division of information system in the ministry of higher education for this Presidential offer.”
Tubah Mayor lashes out at Consortium of parents dragging church leaders to court.
Text Box: Tajong Martin Moshongong Mayor of Tubah Council Taking place at the time some Church leaders including Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church have been dragged to court by persons who say they are representing a consortium of parents, Mayor Tajong Martin did not mince words when he spoke out on the prevailing circumstances. “We fear that this games might be going on without the participation of all the Universities and institutions within the national territory due to the prolonged Anglophone crisis rocking the NW and SW regions which has affected schools at all levels.” While appreciating government for reinstating the internet a vital tool for studies at the eve of the games and appreciate the effort of the state in endeavouring to solve this crisis, Mayor Tajong lashed out on the consortium of parents dragging some church leaders to court saying “We condemn the act of some detractors dragging the church to court and inflaming the peace that is already reigning. We exalt the state to continue with meaningful dialogue so that schools should effectively take off in these regions.” The event which has witnessed the absence of leading schools in the NW and SW like St Louis University Institute Bamenda, Catholic University Institute of Buea is the first in recent history featuring only the two state universities in the NW and SW regions that Uba and the University of Buea.
The Private Universities Impact
Started some 20years ago in the University of Dschang at the time for State Universities only, the University games have become not just an event for sports practice but also a competitive ground for exposure and positioning in the milieu of higher education. Since the 2000 edition hosted by the University of Buea when private institutions started participating then too was the invention of the fan club which has become the animator during the games. They do not only advertise the school but seeks to portray their school as best in recreational or co-curricular activities. Amongst the most active fan clubs this year like previous years are those from private schools. The schools that use every opportunity to advertise are the private schools. To students in private institutions of higher learning, their school’s participation in the games is a clear sign of recognition by government and hence no doubt about the quality of certifications offered at their schools. “It feels really good to be here in Bamenda. I never knew my school was recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. I am happy that amongst the few schools that are here my university is amongst.” Julie a first year student in one of the private higher institutions from Douala noted. This feeling we gathered has not only remained with the students but also to parents, sponsors and guidance as they consider the participation of every school as authentication of their existence. Despite the rigid conditions put in place for participation, many of the schools who participate actually stretch themselves financial to an elastic limit to meet up with the registration and management of athletes and fan clubs. At the opening event in Bambili, many of these universities could be seen sharing gifts and publicity materials to the guests and onlookers. This has however added great value to the games as everyone competes just for the best.
Taking place under the theme “twenty years of promoting talents for national development, peace, unity for an emerging Cameroon, the thousands of students will compete for medals in different sports disciplines amongst them athletics, basketball, football, handball, wrestling, tennis, tale tennis, volleyball, Paralympics and fan club. The games will end on Saturday 29 April 2017 after a medal and trophy award ceremony expected to be chaired by Higher Education Minister and other members of government.
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