Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh

Anglophone Lawyers are focusing on  a wrong direction!!    The “interim leader” of the southern Cameroons revolutionary government, Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh has amongst other things said Anglophone Lawyers crusading for the freedom of the southern Cameroonian people are doing well but focusing in a wrong direction. He made the observation in an exclusive interview he granted to Hiltopvoices,while nothing that the problem of southern Cameroons is total freedom and not any form of federalism with la Republique du Cameroun that the Anglophone lawyers, chiefs etc are advocating. Below is a full except.

Hiltopvoices: Good day sir and thanks for accepting to talk to Hiltopvoices
Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: You are welcome. God bless you and thanks for giving me this opportunity to talk to the southern Cameroonian people

Hiltopvoices: you are into evangelism, politics and freedom fighting. How would you want to be addressed?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: I prefer evangelist because God called me to his service using the word reverend but I personally prefer evangelist because it is easy and suits my taste.

Hiltopvoices: how will you assess 2015 in the life of the Cameroonian nation?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: My expectations of 2015 failed me as it was climaxed in Mr Biya’s end of year’s speech where he admitted that they did nothing for their nation and that they were to start doing something from now. I believe that it was not a successful year in La Republique du Cameroun but on our part, that is  southern Cameroon revolutionary council and as Federal republic of southern Cameroon which came into existence during this 2015,we were able record some successes

Hiltopvoices: we understand you are into southern Cameroons activism, how far have you gone with your mission to free the people southern Cameroons now known as North West and south westerners?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: I will say that 2015 made 3years since the creation of Southern Cameroons Revolutionary council which was created or declared in August 2013 and the documents were registered to the presidency of La Republique and some were sent to some Ambassadors of foreign nations in Yaounde .From then, we took off and we have been communicating with the president through one way communication with no response to our documents. We have been able to bring a set of impact to our people who now know the truth about the problem of Southern Cameroons. We have been able to make our people also understand that the truth shall set us free and by it we stand. Though with difficulties, we have had public rallies right to the commercial avenue grand stand-Bamenda, we have also been able to have those who came in from abroad even questioning us on how we want to go and we kept assessing and telling them we are for a revolution of the heart and not that of the gun and we have remain steadfast on our pursuit and believe at as at now. At the end of 2015, we have done much and still to do more.

Hiltopvoices: what was the height of the struggle in 2015?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: The height of the struggle was the launch/declaration of the restoration of southern Cameroons statehood on the 20th of may2015.we have had a cassette which we sent copies to the president of the colonial government of La republique du Cameroon and we appointed the government and members of the advisory council which is like a parliament to us. In the restoration speech, we had the prices of patrol increased though not yet implemented. We also had salaries of civil servants raised to one U .S dollar per hour and calculated in cash; the basic salary in southern Cameroon would be 80.000 per month. Somebody might think it’s a joke, but we meant it. In due course, these things will be implemented and we believe and hope that the southern Cameroon’s will live well. We have the resources and why should the people suffer?

Hiltopvoices: you talked of having formed the restoration and revolutionary government in 2015.how effective is the government as we speak?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: Most of the people in the government believe that they were not consulted. This is true but the fight has been on a solo base and we know when they will come together. We were to have a joint cabinet and parliamentary session with them by the end of the year but unfortunately the oppressive Yaoundé regime frustrated the move by intimidating some institutions from letting us use their halls. But we hope that it will hold sooner than later this year. Most members of the revolutionary government are happy and interested but the fear syndrome in southern Cameroon is something one will not believe. But it is there and we believe that at this stage where we are, they will come in when there is total control, freedom and serenity. Then we will sit and deliberate on issues related to the nation of southern Cameroon’s.

Hiltopvoices: how is the relationship between the nation of southern Cameroon and the international community?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: The international community and our government still has a lot of work to do because at the moment, we do not have people supporting us but they are there especially those member nations that voted for our independence in 1961.Because of the simple fact that la Republic is there standing ahead of us, they will not quickly come in where as according to the decision of the UNO, they were supposed to help us go through our independence. They have not been able to do that, so the relationship is not quite solid but we know with time, they will come in to support us.

Hiltopvoices: have you had any support or response from the international community?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: We have not had any support or anything from the international community other than that our fight has been purely internal and to let Mr Biya’s government know that we have the right of independence especially based on his law no 80/ 01 of 2 January 1984 which call for a return to la republic do Cameroon and amputating us as two states under his government.

Hiltopvoices: Anglophone lawyers, southwest chiefs and chief Mukete are all talking of a return to federalism and not independence of the former south west Cameroon. What is your take on it?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: All is waste of time. I want us to see one thing, that Mr Biya is silent over anything that is written to him. When john Nguh Foncha resigned from the government as Vice president of this nation, it was because for 3 years he sought audience to meet with his own president of whom he was his vice and he never could succeed .This was aimed at discussing issues patterning to the state and things that were not going on correctly. If today we are writing, international courts and human right courts have taken decisions and Mr Biya is against it what do you expect. Any constitutional reforms will not be effective, rather we will be imprisoning our children because in some 50 yrs. to come, the problems we have now shall be more. I am accusing the government of la republic du Cameroon for actually side-lining anything that requires dialogue .In good management or governance, you can only solve a people’s problem through dialogue which Biya has evaded throughout. The lawyers are doing well but they are focusing towards a wrong direction. The chiefs of the south west wrote to the president of La Republic advocating for his decision to federalism and I think that the only option for us is to be free and free indeed.

Hiltopvoices: Critics argue that southern Cameroon can plunge into war after independence just like southern Suda. Do you think so?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: I do not see that possible. If you look at the government we have composed, it is made up of all the factions of the SCNC, groups that do not even belong to the SCNC, member from Biya’s government and members of the public who are not even involved in the battle. We will make sure there is no war. Southern Sudan looked forward to be free but failed to prepare the minds of the people to know its importance and working together. What we composed is harnessed and can never go into such demise.

Hiltopvoices: what do you think about the many SCNC factions that are here and there?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh:  The ways forward is that we should be united in our thinking habit and belong to a powerful group that will liberate us. We should be one and think together. It’s regrettable these factions leaders all claim popularity in the fight. We decided that the only way foreword was the way of Jesus Christ. This Christ like approach will work better. He started with the 12 apostles, went to seventy two and then thousands.

Hiltopvoices: you are the president of the interim government of the federal republic of southern Cameroon. How were you designated?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh: The revolutionary council is my base and  i was elected by  a group of  liberation movements meeting in Bamenda in mid 2015.As the leader of the government I will lead  by interim and in two years we should be able to hand over to an effective democratically elected government of Southern Cameroon

Hiltopvoices: what should southern Cameroonians expect from your government this 2016?
Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh:  From my last address during the public rally no 2 of November 2015, I captioned it “truthful, faithful and democratic and prosperous nation and I believe that these words were inspired in me by god. When it happens, the youth shall have jobs, retirees shall have their pensions increased, women and buyam sellams will live well with money floating without difficulty.

Hiltopvoices: Any last words?

Evangelist Ngwa Aaron Ndeh:   We should remain hopeful and prayerful in all churches to see this dream come true and that by Mr Biyas law no 84/1 of 2 January 1984, we shall be free without begging for constitutional reforms. Any constitutional reforms will not take us to any where. It will imprison us the more especially where nobody is ready to sit with you at table for discussions.

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