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World Bee Day 2022: Environmentalists appeal for protection of the life dependent insect

By Bakah Derick  Environmentalists in the North West part of Cameroon have made a fervent call for the protection of bees as the World observes the international day this May 20, 2022.   Picture from Bee Culture  Speaking to, Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy Environmentalist, Apiculture and Nature Conservation Campaigner was categorical that "without bees, we will have no food and honey." The Director of Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) stated that bees play a vital role in the food production process.  "Bees contribute to 85% of food we eat. They are responsible for biodiversity." He said  Corroborating in an earlier conversation we had, Kari Jackson Environmentalist and Director of Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) explained that the food ecosystem cannot be anything without bees. As pollinators of over half of the food eaten by humans, Kari believes that bees are highly in need to continue the food product