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International Women's Day 2022: Hilltopvoices talks to Leocadia Bongben Journalist, Sports Reporter

March 8 will be observed the world over as the International Women's Day. Ahead of this day aimed at shining the light  on the achievement of women, talks to Leocadia Bongben, a media professional with out standing achievements in sports reporting.  Leocadia Bongben, Journalist  Hilltopvoices:   What inspired you into sports reporting?    Leocadia Bongben:  I can say I found myself in sports reporting by accident but turned it into passion. I discovered colleagues at The Post were in for more political news and that was not my domain. So, I decided to wonder around sports, and discovered this was virgin land. That is how I stayed, was consistent and learning.  Hilltopvoices: H ow did you become a sport reporter?    Leocadia Bongben:  I followed the local championship, was where every important football activity was happening, because that is the king sport. I had a space where many were not clamouring for, the back page. I was among the lucky few w