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Violence Against Women: New Global Treaty Essential to Address Rising Incidents in Cameroon and Worldwide.

New Global Treaty Essential to Address Rising Incidents of Violence Against Women in Cameroon and Worldwide, New Report Says Coalition of 2,000 Women's Rights Activists from 128 Countries Say the Current Framework Alone Cannot Address this Growing Human Rights Crisis (February1, 2023) - A new report released today documents a rapid rise in violence against women and girls worldwide and current gaps in international law to address this crisis. The "Safer Now" report was released by the Every Woman Treaty, a coalition of over 2,000 women's rights activists from 128 countries, including CAMEROON, advocating for a new global treaty to address this issue. Causes of the rising tide of violence include conflict, climate change, cyber-violence, and the lockdowns associated with COvID-19 says the report. Although there are regional treaties to protect women from violence and an international law against discrimination against women, there is no specific, overarchin