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Cameroon Armed Conflict: Bamenda III Council endorses IMSSRAD resilient project

By Bakah Derick  The executive director of the Bamenda based not-for-profit nongovernmental organisation Information Management and Support Services for Rural Agricultural Development (IMSSRAD) has announced that the Bamenda III Council area shall host the first phase of the resilience project.  Sylvester Toh, Executive Director IMSSRAD The Resilience Project lead  Sylvester Toh was speaking on Wednesday 15 December 2021 during the budgetary session of the Bamenda III Council whose Mayor and Councilor unanimously praised IMSSRAD's leader for efforts being made by his organisation to assist the council meet the needs of those in the municipality.  Supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Cameroon, the project aims at "assisting crisis prone neighbourhoods in the Bamenda III Council area of the North West Region to bounce back from shocks and stress and become more resilient."  Partial view of Council session  Talking to Hilltopvoi