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ICT: Why the JoinIT Solutions- UB tech-college partnership is a highly recommended opportunity for anyone in Cameroon

Hilltopvoices Advertorial  1. The candidate is exempted  from  registration fees (35000FCFA) for, and writing of a highly selective competitive entrance examination as condition precedence for admission  into the Prestigious college of Technology of the University of Buea(with an over 80% probability of those in the arts not succeeding-obviously). JoinIT Solutions recommendation alone, and to you in their program, is your safe access  key.  2. It is now a certification program . This means, in addition to the candidate's hands-on skills developed through JoinIT Solution's advanced curriculum, he/she will earn a certificate upon completion, which shall be awarded to you by the College of Technology,  University of Buea.   3. The candidate is now not only having handy, the job recruitment requirements of the outside world alone, but also of Cameroon, (certificate based economy). Your skills will have been "endorsed" nationally by the fact that, he/she now ha

ICT: JoinIT Solutions and College of Technology of The University of Buea partnership

Hilltopvoices Advertorial  JoinIT Solutions has signed a partnership with the College of Technology of the University of Buea, meant to offer Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration training (DBA).  This six-months first of its kind hands-on instructor-led training  accoridng to JointIT Solutions authorities will equip learners in Cameroon with the necessary skills to apply and pick up Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration Jobs as well as other data related jobs such as Data analysts,  Database Developers, Database Architects and Microsoft Azure Database Administrator roles in both local and international companies. This six months online training will focus on Administering SQL Server on-premise, as well as exposure to cloud computing covering Azure fundamentals, and administering relational databases in Azure. Throughout, trainees shall be evaluated on projects and assessments to ensure they grab both the theory and practical knowledge in administering SQL Ser