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Bandjoun: Roland Fomundam's greenhouse agriculture success inspires contemporary change makers

By Bakah Derick  The founder and chief executive officer of Cameroon's most successful greenhouse agriculture initiative; Greenhouse Ventures has charged a group of about 50 contemporary change makers and thinkers on the need to consider his line of actitiy as a sustainably profitable business in an economically challenging environment like Caneroon. Roland Fomundam speaking in Bandjoun station  Roland Fomundam has been speaking in Bandjoun near Bafoussam within the context of a symposium on unraveling the development and underdevelopment notions of the African continent organised by SAVVY Contemporary from.thursday 31 March to Friday 1 April 2022.  Roland's first greenhouse constructed in Mbengwi  Started in 2013 after returning from the United States of America where he studied pharmacy, Biology and Business, the social  entrepreneur settled in his native Mbengwi where he had plans to start what many considered a new form of agriculture because it was not