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COVID-19: Nkambe, Ndop, Ndu, Mbengwi and Njikwa vaccination centers

Health professionals have maintained that a safer, more reliable way to build protection against COVID-19 is through vaccination.  #EndCovid237 #CmrFreeCovid19  For people in Mbengwi, Ndop, Ndu Njikwa and Nkambe like elsewhere, vaccination helps protect you by creating an antibody response without you having to experience potentially severe illnesses or post COVID-19 conditions. Check out the vaccination centers in the above mentioned places approved by the Ministry of public Health.  MBENGWI   ACHA-TUGI PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL MBENGWI DISTRICT HOSPITAL TEZE INTEGRATED HEALTH CENTER   NDOP BABESSI SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL BAMESSING SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL  BAMUNKA URBAN INTEGRATED HEALTH CENTER BALIKUMBAT SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL BAMUKUMBIT INTEGRATED HEALTH CENTRE  BAMBALANG SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL NDU TAKU SUB DIVISIONAL HOSPITAL NDU DISTRICT HOSPITAL NTUMBAW INTEGRATED HEALTH CENTER NJIKWA KONDA INTEGRATED HEALTH CENTER NJIKWA DISTRICT HOSPITAL OSHIE SUB DIVISION