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Mile 2 Nkwen Mosque project: Over 38M FCFA realised for completion and expansion

By Bakah Derick  Muslims and non Muslims from across Cameroon and beyond have raised slightly above 38.8M FCFA targeting the completion and expansion of the Mile 2 Nkwen Mosque. The fundraiser that took place on Sunday 27 February 2022 according to the organisers,  projected the raising of 46M FCFA to reach the 100M project cost.  Community participation ensuring decking of the third floor   Speaking at the opening of the fundraiser, the project chairperson indicated that 54M has so far been consumed by the Masjid/Dawaa Center which will serve as a place of prayer for Muslims around mile 2 Nkwen. Alhaji Yaya went on to motivate all reminding them that all donations made in the name of Allah cannot go unrewarded.  From about 7am to 6pm, invitees and donors from far off areas like Yaounde, Kumba,  Douala etc joined those from the North West Region and Bamenda in particular to hand in their financial or material support for the project.  Donations being