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Press Freedom: Journalists' Union Raises Alarm on Media Attack in Far North Region Cameroon

The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has raised an alarm on a potential threat to press freedom in the Far North Region of Cameroon. The union signed a release to that effect on Tuesday 11 April 2023. Here is the complete release signed by the National President Comrade Marion Obam  STATEMENT BY THE CAMEROON JOURNALISTS' TRADE UNION (CJTU)   No to intimidation and other threats against journalists in the Far North of Cameroon    The National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union   (NEB/CJTU), has just been informed by its Far North regional chapter of death threats made on Monday April 4, 2023 by the City Mayor of Maroua against her members.    These intimidations and threats come as a result of a publication by our comrade Ousman Alh Boubakari Sali, on March 30, 2023,  on the facebook page called Baba infos, under the title: _*“Maroua-voirie urbaine.  Boulevard de Kakataré: chantier abandoné»*_  Before witnesses including Journalist 

Assassination of Martinez Zogo: Journalists' Union unveils new directives, eight days on...

The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has made public a decision giving new directives on actions to be taken moving forward following the delay in action relating to the murder of Yaoundé based radio broadcaster Martinez Zogo. The directives published on Sunday 29 January 2023 declares Wednesday as a mourning day from now henceforth, regrets delay in previous investigations concerning Ngota, Koum and Wazizi, promises to meet regional authorities amongst others.  Here is the complete release signed by the unions Secretary General Hilaire HAMEKOUE  DECISION N°10 BEARING ON UNION ACTIONS FOLLOWING THE ASSASSINATION OF Martinez ZOGO  The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has expressed indignation following  the diversed reactions that invaded the newsrooms and friends of the media on Wednesday January 25, 2023. CJTU thanks all her members for the mobilization and sense of responsibility and invites them to always be ready for such directives. 

Assassination of Martinez Zogo: CJTU mourns this Wednesday

By Bakah Derick  The President of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has maintained Wednesday 25 January 2023 as her Union's day to mourn stained Yaoundé based radio broadcaster Martinez Zogo. Marion Obam reaffirmed her position during a press conference in Douala on Tuesday 24 January 2023.  Marion Obam, CJTU President  In a position statement on Sunday 22 January 2023, the CJTU leader announced that Journalists and related media professionals across Cameroon should report to work this Wednesday in black; a position she maintained during her presser.  Here is the opening statement of Marion OBAM during the press conference.  BLURRING, BARBARIC MURDER OF MEDIA WORKERS   Opening statement  Press conference: January 24, 2023 Cameroon our country is in mourning.  The Media world has just been struck in the most cruel and inhuman way!  On January 18, 2023, the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (NEB/CJTU) learned through soc

Press Release: CJTU Executive Bureau on 7th lap of national tour

 After the Far North, the delegation of the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' TradeUnion (NEB / CJTU) on national tour visited the North region on November 11, 2022. NEB delegation in session with CJTU North members   Led by the President, Marion OBAM accompanied by the Vice President Derick BAKAH and Secretary General Hilaire HAMEKOUE, the NEB team was welcomed by the local Executive and led to the Regional Delegation of Communication where the host, senior journalist Mustapha Tiguele MAMADOU LOKA, Regional Delegate and several journalists working in the region were waiting.  Discussions with the delegate concerned the situation of the press in the region and their their relations with the regional delegation. The delegation of the NEB then went to the governor's office where they werr received in audience by the Secretary General Mr. AVOM DANG.  The national president of CJTU presented her team and the local leaders of the union to

Press Release: CJTU National Executive Bureau in the Far North Region

A delegation of the National Executive Bureau, NEB of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union, CJTU has paid a visit to the Far North Region. The visit by the delegation made up of the National President Comrade Marion OBAM, Vice President incharge of International Relations Comrade BAKAH Derick and the Secretary General Comrade Hilaire HAMEKOUE,  is the sixth lap of a national tour by the New leadership of the union.  CJTU received on arrival by Delegate for Communication.  Arriving in the city of Maroua via Boeing 737-700 of Camair'Co on November 10, 2022, the delegation was reinforced by comrade Jean ARENGUENA, president of the host regional chapter and National Secretary for Litigation and Legal Affairs. The first stop was at the Regional Delegation for Communication Far North where the delegate    Mr. BABADJO HAMIDOU TAIWÉ was on hand to receive NEB. Discussions focused on the state of the media in the region, their difficulties and possible solutions

Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union: National President visits North West, Commit to promote responsible practice

Press Release Subject:  National President Of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) Visits  North West Region. The National President of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU), Marion OBAM  ended a day's visit to the North West Chapter on July 22, 2022. Accompanied by the Union's Secretary General, Hilaire HAMEKOUE, she was received in audience by North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the Regional Delegate of Communications,  Njike Celestine before holding a working session with members of the North West chapter in Down Town, Bamenda. CJTU National President Marion Obam (with red muffler) with some members of the North West Chapter  The governor told the  visiting President of the CJTU, Marion Obam that her recent election to the helm of the Union is a blessing because women are closer to God with hearts that easily pardon . He hailed her courage whose outing in Bamenda helps matters in news reporting with facts on-the- spot in  sensiti

Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union: New Executive meets Labour Minister

By Nfu Nkfu The recently elected executive of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has been received in audience by the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Gregoire Owona.  Labour Minister Gregoire OWONA and Marion OBAM at the Minister's office in Yaounde  The President Marion OBAM accompanied by her predecessor Denis NKWEBO and two other members of the new National Executive met the Labour Minister on Wednesday 13 July 2022 in Yaoundé.  During the encounter that lasted over 50 minutes, has gathered that the CJTU leadership discussed several issues. According to Loiris Clement Adiang, the new national secretary for Communication and Alerts, discussions focused on the recent congress held in Douala as well as problems faced by journalists and related media professionals in the country.  Minister Gregoire, collaborators and CJTU delegation  Marion OBAM has described the meeting as fruitful especially with the Minister'