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Mankon Enthronement: Raggae artist Ankias Valleyman talks to Hilltopvoices

Amongst the many who were present at the Mankon Fon's Palace to witness the coronation of their new ruler on Tuesday 7 June was internationally recognised raggae artist Ankias Valleyman. A Mankonian as he preferred to be referred to, was like many others witnessing the coronation of a Fon in his village for the first time considering that the disappeared Fo Angwafo III spent over six decades on the throne. He expressed satisfaction witnessing the exercise in an interview he granted . Here is the complete and brief interview transcribed for you.  Ankias Valleyman, The Mankonian Raggae artist  Hilltopvoices: You seem to be witnessing the enthronement of a Fon in Mankon for the first time, can you confirm this?  Ankias: Yes. This is my first time  Hilltopvoices: what does this mean to you?  Ankias: I am a Mankonian and witnessing the "Kingsation"  in Mankon is a great deal for me. I can't even express how I feel, i am overwhelmed. I ca

Mankon Enthronement: Social Media was right. He is Fo Fru Asaah Angwafo IV 49

By Bakah Derick  Just shortly after Fo Angwafo III was announced to have gone to sleep, pictures of Prince Fru Asaah Angwafo circulated on social media as the new Fon of Mankon. Serving as Principal of Government Technical College (GTC) Nkeung in neighbouring Nkwen, then Prince Fru Asaah Angwafo was no longer available in public.  Fo Fru Asaah Angwafo IV sitting  He could however be spotted from time to time around the palace. It was same for some other princes with the right to be Fon. The former teacher of GTC Oku in Bui Division we gathered was seized just shortly after the disappearance of his father.  Talking to Mankon sons and daughters, some who were close to the departed monarch insinuated that he was not loved by his father. Others said he was not very close to tradition. However, they all agreed that he was a potential candidate for the revert office of the Fon of Mankon. "Despite all those pictures on social media, we could still have surprises.