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Women Empowerment: Mbororo Women in Leadership Inadequate, destruction of Livelihood in conflict, MBOSCUDA concerned

By Shey Godbless  The Women leadership of the Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association (MBOSCUDA) has continued to express discontent with the inadequacies surrounding their presence in decision making institutions in the North West and Cameroon in general and the continuous destruction of the livelihood of Mbororos like cattle in the ongoing armed conflict in the region.  (C) FAO Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Madam Ali Ali Shatu the coordinator of the association declared that the Mbororo woman was still being marginalised by society on a daily basis on a varied number of ways. She regretted that their role is relegated only to domestic chores and taking care of the family without giving them equal opportunities like other non-Mbororo women despite the efforts they are making.  Visibly dissatisfied, Ali Ali Shatu, insinuated that there are no intentional efforts by those in authority to priorities the concerns of the Mbororos thus