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International Widows Day 2022: The pain of a widow in Baba village North West Cameroon

By Ngwa Jolenta Rose Afanwi  For some women in the North West region of Cameroon, losing their husbands also means a long-term fight for their basic rights, income, and possibly their children.  In some parts of the region, there are widowhood rites that many observers deem as dehumanizing.They include sleeping on the floor for months, walking barefoot, and eating only from a particular plate. There is a woman in Baba one village, in Ngoketunjia division called Grace Anwe, who lost her husband about four years ago. On the occasion of the international widows' day, she recounted what she describes as the ordeal of widowhood.  "Immediately my husband died at the  shishong hospital, my husband phone was sized from me, the key to our medicine store was taken and the key of our room. As tradition demands I was given a small mattress to sleep on one corner of the floor of my living room till when his corpse will be buried "  Her suffering, began the mome