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Opinion: How to identify good brown or white honey

By Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy  Apiculture and Nature Conservation Campaigner  HOW TO KNOW GOOD BROWN OR WHITE HONEYHOW TO KNOW GOOD BROWN OR WHITE HONEY • Keeping honey open outside should attract bees. Any expose honey that do not attract bees should be questionable • A stick of match should still light fire after deeping in honey • Honey dropped in water should not dissolve immediately. It should move and settle below water because honey is heavier or denser than water. It will dissolve slowly when stirred • Good honey should crystalize or develop granules like sugar after some months of harvesting. Remember honey is fructose which is natural sugar • The type of container that honey is stored or package in can tell you whether honey is good or not.  If you see honey put in pesticide containers or engine oil container can that be good honey? • Honey should not wet a normal exercise book paper or A4 paper when dropped into it • Good honey should not ferment (behavin