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Why Catholics do not eat meat on Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday by Rev Fr Joseph Dufe

Every religious tradition has their own dietary rules that are linked to cultic practices. Muslims totally do not eat pork. That is them! Catholics are among the only Christians who freely do not eat meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday Fridays during Lent. That is them! In fact, you know you are in a Catholic town when, during Lent fish seems to be the main dish in their restaurants. In some cases every Friday of the year has been considered a day of abstinence. And some people add every Wednesday of the year. Some still go the extreme of totally abstaining from meat at any time. This may be too extreme! Thus all Fridays have become recommended days of fasting and abstinence for Catholic. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday – to largest extent – and all the other Fridays of Lent – to a lesser extent stand out more prominently. These are days considered of special penitential observance by which Catholics gladly suffer with Christ hoping to be one day glorified with him – the wo