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Opinion: Letter to Emmanuel Macron, French President

The Colbert Factor: Letter to Emmanuel Macron, French President Your Excellency; welcome to Cameroon, 'land of promise' and 'land of glory'; after winning your second and last mandate as President of France, Cameroon's (former) colonial master. I know you come as a master who wants to see first hand how his (former) estate is farring. No gainsaying the fact. Your decision to visit Cameroon this Monday July 25, 2022, may seem innocent to many, but by God's design, it's providential. July 25, in the church's year, is feast day of St. James, one of the two sons of Zebedee and first matrye of the 12 apostles. James is famous in the Bible because his mother, wife of Zebedee, who had great influence on Jesus went kneeling infront of Jesus, requesting that he commands that his two sons, James and John, take the first position in Heaven: one on his left and one on his right. Although Jesus disappointed her by saying that her sons may only have the pr