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PIB 2022: Nkambe Council emerges first for two consecutive years

By Bakah Derick  The Nkambe Council has emerged first in the execution of public investments projects in the North West Region for 2022. Nkambe was announced winner of the regional contest involving all 34 councils during the second semester for 2022 Regional participatory follow-up committee meeting in Bamenda on Wednesday 1 February 2023. Member of the participatory follow-up committee meeting in session  According to the regional chairperson of the participatory follow-up committee, the Nkambe council has been outstanding.  Musa Shey Nfor after receiving the price for 2021 "You will believe with me that the Nkambe Council even if it is an old woman who doesn't know how to write or read, we should allow words and go for action... if you look at this region today Nkambe is a peaceful Council and you don't need to doubt it if they are the best." Hon Walang Richard said  Nkambe Council (rep on the right) receiving the first prize  Th