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North West-Cameroon: Parents, Security watch over examination kids in Education battle

By Bakah Derick  Tuesday 17 May 2022, the city is dead silent. Children in Bamenda-Cameroon who have completed their primary school studies are to sit the government common entrance examination. In one of the examination centers in Nkwen, Bamenda III Subdivision, children who are candidates are arriving at 7am accompanied by their parents.  It is a battle by parents to educate their children in the heart of an armed conflict. As the children prepared to head to the examination centers this day, promoters of the battle for the independence of the region from the rest of Cameroon have declared a ghost town. The parents have decided to accompany their children to the examination centers.  Parents sitting in wait for their children  Few minutes in the center, a vehicle has arrived with armed soldiers. They are given instructions and they can be seen taking positions. We are not allowed to film. The attendance is taken and kids go into the examination halls.  The parents are ask