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Gender Based Violence: Vuvu fashion designs CEO makes rare social media outing on kids, 'husband'

By Bakah Derick  The CEO of Bamenda based fashion designs Vuvu has made a rare outing on her Facebook account on her family. Vumonsi Ngwefonta who lastly made a post updating her profile picture on September 11, 2021 on the social media platform only returned in the early hours of Wednesday 7 September 2022 to announce what indicates a long time problem with the father of her children.  Vumonsi Ngwefonta CEO VUVU fashion designs  "Mr Vutumu Aloysius ,the finance director of SABC and Castel group Cameroon,I am coming for your career and reputation and whatever you think you have built if I don't have the desired access to my kids.  They say silence breaths evil and injustice. I am tired of being silent." She wrote  The post  Contacted, VUVU fashion designs CEO confirmed to that every word in her statement is true and means everything she has said. Not going further, she maintains that the man she married and later divorced on h

Bandjoun: Award winning journalist condemns apologetic public use of local languages, pidgin

By Bakah Derick Cameroonian multiple award winning journalist Comfort Mussa has expressed disappointment with the public use of pidgin and local languages with apologies. She was speaking in Bandjoun near Bafoussam on Thursday 31 March 2022 during a symposium on unraveling the development and underdevelopment notions in the world.  Comfort Mussa speaking in Bandjoun According to Comfort Mussa, story telling is an important tool for the development process of every people. With originality being key in story telling, she explains that stories told in the language best understood by the people have a stronger impact following the high level of acceptance.   Pointing out pidgin commonly used in the North West Region of Cameroon as well as other local languages, the founder of Sisterspeak 237 regrets that many use these languages in a debasing manner. By always apologising or taking excuses before speaking in them while prioritising foreign languages enforces coloni