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Press Freedom: Journalists' Union Raises Alarm on Media Attack in Far North Region Cameroon

The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has raised an alarm on a potential threat to press freedom in the Far North Region of Cameroon. The union signed a release to that effect on Tuesday 11 April 2023. Here is the complete release signed by the National President Comrade Marion Obam  STATEMENT BY THE CAMEROON JOURNALISTS' TRADE UNION (CJTU)   No to intimidation and other threats against journalists in the Far North of Cameroon    The National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union   (NEB/CJTU), has just been informed by its Far North regional chapter of death threats made on Monday April 4, 2023 by the City Mayor of Maroua against her members.    These intimidations and threats come as a result of a publication by our comrade Ousman Alh Boubakari Sali, on March 30, 2023,  on the facebook page called Baba infos, under the title: _*“Maroua-voirie urbaine.  Boulevard de Kakataré: chantier abandoné»*_  Before witnesses including Journalist 

Media: Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union Complete Elections in Four Chapters- L/NW/S/W Regions

By Ngenwie Azeh  The Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) has completed the organization of elections in four of her ten chapters. The most recent was on Friday 7 April 2023 for the West Chapter  where Rene Mbondjeu was elected president.  Counting of votes in Bafoussam  The long time media practioner emerged winner of the election with 30 out of 31 votes with  a null vote cast. The Bafoussam elections supervised by the National President of CJTU, Marion Obam permitted the current members of the Union in the West Region to elected a close to 20 man strong team including Divisional Representatives that will coordinate activities for the next two years.  Accompanying the National President was the National Vice President incharge of International Relations Bakah Derick, the Immediate Past President Denis Nkwebo and other National Executive Bureau members in the West Region.  Enter South On Thursday 6 April 2023, The National Executive Bureau represented by

Press Freedom: NW Journalists’ Union injects new blood into leadership

By Hilltopvoices  At least seven new persons have been elected into leadership positions of the Northwest Chapter of the Cameroon Journalists’ Trade Union (CJTU). The elections took place on Saturday 25 March 2023 in Bamenda during the union’s elective general assembly.  New CJTU North West Executive.  The new comers into the chapter executive include Julliete Afunyui of Afrique Nouvelle Radio as Vice President in charge of gender replacing Rosaline Obah, Ndefru Melanie of Civiclens as Secretary General replacing Odette Nchanji, Ngong Song Jean Marie Of the University of Bamenda radio as Secretary in charge of training replacing Bih Sylvia, Jerry Benson secretary Freelance for observatory being a new position, Paul kema Fru as secretary solidarity Fung John Freelance as secretary for mobilization and Nfor Francis of MIDENO as Auditor replacing Choves Loh  President Nji Ignatius  Only three persons have maintained their offices amongst them Nji Ignatius of Eden N

Press Release: CJTU National Executive Bureau complete tour of Northern regions

On November 12, 2022, the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (NEB/CJTU) completed the  tour of the northern regions with the Adamaoua regional chapter.  The delegation led by President Marion OBAM alongside the Vice-President Derick BAKAH and Secretary General Hilaire HAMEKOUE arrived the regional capital Ngaoundere at about midday and were welcomed by the chapter Executive led by the President, comrade Adolarc  LAMISSIA.  A rapid consultation between the two delegations made it possible to decide on the final program of the visit, summaried in two points:  1. A media tour  2. A meeting between the NEB of CJTU and media professionals in the region. The delegation of the NEB then visited  Château News and FADAR TV.  The promoter Rodrigue TAPEO expressed his joy to welcome the National Executive of CJTU.  He talked about his company, his ambitions and above all his difficulties.  The NEB of CJTU was briefed about the

Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union: National President visits North West, Commit to promote responsible practice

Press Release Subject:  National President Of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU) Visits  North West Region. The National President of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union (CJTU), Marion OBAM  ended a day's visit to the North West Chapter on July 22, 2022. Accompanied by the Union's Secretary General, Hilaire HAMEKOUE, she was received in audience by North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the Regional Delegate of Communications,  Njike Celestine before holding a working session with members of the North West chapter in Down Town, Bamenda. CJTU National President Marion Obam (with red muffler) with some members of the North West Chapter  The governor told the  visiting President of the CJTU, Marion Obam that her recent election to the helm of the Union is a blessing because women are closer to God with hearts that easily pardon . He hailed her courage whose outing in Bamenda helps matters in news reporting with facts on-the- spot in  sensiti