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Bamenda: Two die in accident, unusual rain, wind sweep across town

By Bakah Derick  Two persons have died following a truck malfunction in Bamenda. The two: a bike rider and a girl died after a truck went out of the driver's control around the new road area. While the truck ran over the bike rider separating his head from the body, it hit the girl estimated to be about 13years who battled with life and only died later at the Nkwen District Hospital.  Damaged truck... The driver and assistant who miraculously survived the accident were surprisingly pulled out of the shattered truck alive. They had injuries though not life threatening.  Many have praised the driver for his bravely for successfully managing his malfunctioning truck to the point where he did before loosing control. Children in a  nearby secondary school who regularly loiter around have also been considered to have been inexplicably shielded from the accident.  Picture taken from a hidden location at Ghana street Nkwen due to the wind and rain  While