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Back to School 2022: the realities of an inclusive School, CBC School Nkwen enrolls over 60 PWDs

By Bakah Derick The Cameroon Baptist Convention nursery and Primary School Nkwen has enrolled over 20 pupils living with disabilities for the 2022-2023 academic year. In a visit to experience an inclusive school on Wednesday 7 September 2022, the head teacher Vugah Gladys revealed to that the school enrolled 50 last year and with the current demand including those continuing from last year, the probability is high that close to 100 or more may be in school this academic year. An inclusive classroom with a child  To meet the needs of pupils with disabilities, the school has been constructed with accessibility facilities that meet their specific needs. Accessibility is guaranteed from the main entrance into school right to the classrooms. Ramps are visible directly opposite the staircases leading to the first floor of the buildings. The doors measure over a meter wide to ensure easy access into the classrooms with wheelchairs.  Access ways up and

Back to School 2022: Nebere-Nkwen 'Know your Neighbor' rewards students, apprentices ahead of school resumption

By Nfor Nkfu Students and apprentices in Nebere, a neighborhood in Nkwen of Bamenda metropolis in the North West region have received didactic materials ahead of school resumption on September 5,2022. This follows an excellence award dubbed'Know Your Neighbour Education and Apprenticeship Excellence Ward Day 2022  organised  for children of Nebere Saturday August 27 by 'Know your Neighbor ' an association of common interest. The excellence award targeted primary school kids, Secondary and high school students, University students and apprentices. While students received books, pens and pencils, apprentices bagged home basic working tools. "Our first motivation as a neighborhood is the desire to promote excellence.We believe that when you appreciate work that is done,it encourages those who are slack as well as gives courage to those who are struggling and those who are performing to do better" said Wirsiy Elvis, chairman of the organizing c