PHIDO Thrills Bamenda in Unforgettable Musical Performance

Bamenda-based artist Mubeh Philemon, popularly known as PHIDO, has delivered an electrifying and highly applauded performance at the PHIDO Space B'da 2.0 musical show. 

Despite the region's tense atmosphere and the city's early closure at 6 pm, the event on Saturday 22 June 2024 drew a large crowd, predominantly youths, who stayed beyond city closure time, captivated by PHIDO's outstanding performance.
Fans celebrate PHIDO

Before taking the stage, PHIDO shared an emotional moment with his mother, embracing her in a long hug that conveyed deep gratitude and love. This touching scene set the stage for an evening filled with powerful music. 

Once on stage, PHIDO celebrated the outstanding support he has received from his followers. 
PHIDO on stage 

The stage, lighting, and sound setup for the event were extraordinary, arguably the best Bamenda has seen in a long time. The technical aspects, mounted by Beyond Music and led by the renowned saxophonist Rolly B, were an attraction in themselves. 
Massive equipment deployment by Beyond

"I've never seen anything like this in Bamenda. The atmosphere was electric, and PHIDO's performance was absolutely mesmerizing." Clara, a show attendee told the Hilltop Mail 
"PHIDO's energy was infectious. You could feel his passion and dedication in every song. This is a day to remember for Bamenda." another attendee said 

The concert came on the heels of a significant personal achievement for PHIDO, who defended his degree in Nursing from the University of Bamenda less than a week prior. In a Facebook post following his defense, he reflected on the balancing act he has maintained between his education and his music career, noting, "I had to be leaving the studio to school."
PHIDO after defense

PHIDO's ability to excel academically while pursuing his musical dreams has endeared him even more to his fans with many coming from the University of Bamenda Community. 

As the final notes of his performance echoed through the venue, the applause and cheers from the audience illustrated the impact of PHIDO's performance. 
PHIDO performing with his mother on stage

PHIDO Space B'da 2.0 was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of resilience, passion, and community. It left everyone in attendance with a sense of pride and anticipation for what PHIDO will achieve next.

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